Tori and Joe and Rosecliff in Newport, Part One

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Mariah and Trish:

How do we love Tori?... let us count the ways.
Well, first of all she has a big personality so it only makes sense she should have a big dress, lots of fabric, big train...little teenie bride.
Let me paint a picture for the second reason we love Tori...
Trish and I pulled up to her parent's house and spied across the street a beautiful little wooded grassy area that would be perfect for a portrait of Tori. Only two problems with this idea: a really big white dress and the fact that it had just rained (well was actually still kind of raining) and the spot in question was soggy and also littered with rotting pears. Hmmm...
So Trish asked, "Tori, what are the chances we could get you to go outside and let us photograph you in that area with the soggy grass and rotting pears?"
To which Tori replied...
"The chances are really good! Where do you want me?"
We heart Tori.

Which brings me to Joe...
Why do we love Joe? Well, because he worked the romance BIG TIME in the photos we took at the beach. It's no easy task putting up with all of the snappers posing ideas while risking ridicule from your groomsmen, but Joe handled it like a pro and even had a few ideas of his own.
We heart Joe.

Well, the love fest continues with more snapping around Rosecliff ... so stay tuned!


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