For the Love of {Owls}- Part 2

While Part 1 of For the Love of {Owls} consisted of photos and a painting that were realistic representations of the nocturnal creatures, Part 2 features illustrations with portrayals of owls that are either animated, slightly lifelike, or some combination of the two.


There are more owls to come tomorrow along with an exciting announcement I can't wait to share!!

For the Love of {Owls}

I know that a lot of people are "over" owls, as happens with any trend, but, perhaps since I am such a night owl myself, I still find some owl-inspired pieces irresistible!

Each of these pieces of art captured my eye; I love the life-like quality of Cara Enteles' painting, and I adore each of the three photographs, by Sharon Montrose, Allie Arts 4 Children, and D.S. Brennan Photography, as well.

Eye of the Predator- Cara Enteles

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Kathleen and Nick's Photodate with Mariah in Boston 11.28.08

Kathleen and Nick came to see me about their wedding a few weeks ago... I liked them right away and was so happy when they decided to include me in their plans. K & N are two busy and hard working people. Kathleen is in event planning so she is organized and efficient! When they came to visit me she told me she wanted to do their engagement photos right away so they could use them for holiday cards... no problem, I said... and here we are the day after Thanksgiving on our date!
P.S. It's a good thing I am not in these photos because I have completely over indulged in pie!

We met at Boston Common, Kathleen really liked the idea of the Frog Pond. I am sad to say that I didn't even know this existed! It's a super cute skating rink right in the middle of the common. We didn't do any skating (which Nick is really relieved about) but Kathleen did bring her skates which made for a nice wintery prop.

Ear muffs too!.. I think this scene is very "Charlie Brown Christmas."

Nick prefers the warmer activities like snuggling to skating...
Kathleen doesn't seem to mind the snuggling either...
Just in case you forgot where we are... this cart had a tshirt that said "Wicked Pissa" which I wanted to buy and then forgot to go back and get.

Next we headed over to North end... Kathleen really knows how to get around the city because she used to live near the Common... we actually ended up right near the Old North Church, where Melissa and I photographed Nicole and Brian's wedding last month. The funny thing is, I really wanted to get back to this particular street because when I was there in October I thought it was really cool- but didn't have much of a chance to look around...

I thought this alley was interesting...

Did I mention it was sprinkling the whole time we were shooting? K & N are troopers, and Kathleen had the right accessories!

This is my favorite shot of the day. Kathleen and Nick had their first date at this little restaurant. So romantic!

There was a really good smell wafting down the sidewalk toward us... turns out it was from this bakery. I don't know what these things are, but aren't the gorgeous?

The lady behind the counter looks less than thrilled about me and my camera.

Remember that show "Mad about You"? Maybe I am dating myself- anyway it was on in the Early 90's. At the beginning of the show they had all these cool Black and White photos of the two characters, Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt. The photos were of them doing ordinary things around NY, this photo reminds me of that...

Nick looks pretty happy to have scored these treats...

And then he treated me to a hot chocolate- how's that for a fun afternoon?

Thanks Guys! That was so fun, I'm really looking forward to the big day!

To Give Thanks

This is the first Thanksgiving I won't spend at home with my family, as with the big move approaching, E & I decided traveling just didn't make sense. I will miss the rituals of our day, and most of all, I will miss being with my family, including the extended family and friends who are always part of the celebration.

While my Thanksgiving table won't be quite this full this year, I am certainly ready to give thanks.

I am thankful that E and I will be spending this holiday together, as last year he was on the other side of the globe for Thanksgiving. I am also thankful that we will be celebrating with one of my brothers, for whom a trip to our house was closer and easier to make.

The past year of my life has been filled with great joy, as well as great frustration and stress. Since January, life has been a roller coaster ride, but along every dip and peak my family and friends have been there, providing support, encouragement and love. For them, as always, I am extremely thankful.

I am also thankful for my blog as it has brought me into contact with incredible people from around the world, people with whom otherwise I may have never connected. The blogs I read inspire me with their creativity and talent, as I mentioned on Monday, yet the thoughtfulness and warmth of many of the people behind those blogs inspires me even more.

Last, but certainly not least, I am extremely thankful for you, the readers of my blog. Whether you are a frequent commenter or someone who hasn't yet spoken up, I am so thankful you make the time to come here and read my words.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you celebrating. May your day be filled with love and, of course, lots of delicious food!

Angela and Gregg took the plunge! Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

So when we arrived and saw this dock, we had an idea. To our delight Angela and Gregg were totally down with it! We met the day after the wedding for this 'secret' photo session. Mostly it was a secret from her Mom(who bought the dress) but I think that even she will agree that these photos are worth sacrificing the dress for!

There I am over on the right in the water up to my chest waiting for the action to start. Mariah got the shot from the back as they ran down the dock.

Here's the ramp up...

OK, so here it is! What I know Angela and Gregg have been dying to see! Scroll quickly to get the full effect...

Here's Gregg pulling his mermaid out of the water...

Here I am wading in for my 'money shot' and there's Mariah waving after the last shot of the week :(

One last smooch.

Well, it was the best time ever and I sure am sad that it's over. I hope that everyone has enjoyed all of the wedding photos over the last two weeks. If you want to see the rest be sure to sign up on Pictage to get an email when they are ready.

Thanks for a fantastic destination wedding and overall good time!

-Trish and Mariah

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