Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 이정민 JM

No.: 14

Name: 이정민 JM

Birth Day: October 7, 1991


Interest: Movies, fashion magazines scrap, foreign language learning, playing the piano

Height: 176 cm

Weight: 55kg

Measurement: 33-25-37

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 김미선 Gimmiseon

No.: 13

Name: 김미선 Gimmiseon

Birth Day: September 19, 1990


Interest: Magic, singing

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 51.1kg

Measurement: 34-23-35

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

More photos of Milica Tepavac, Miss Srbije 2011

Road to Miss World 2011

Milica Tepavac was crowned Miss Srbije 2011 on July 6, 2011 at the Sava Center in Belgrade. 23 year old Milica represent Serbia in Miss World 2011.

Special thanks and credits to beautypageantnews

More photos of Sheroma Hodge, Miss British Virgin Islands 2011

Road to Miss Universe 2011

More photos of Sheroma Hodge, Miss British Virgin Islands 2011. Sheroma Hodge was born in 1985. She was crowned Miss British Virgin Islands 2011 and will be the official representative of the British overseas territory to the 2011 Miss Universe pageant. Hodge attended British Virgin Islands High School from 1997 to 2002 and graduated from H. Lavity Stoutt Community College in 2004 with an associate’s degree in natural sciences, where she collaborated in public relations and designing the college’s website.

Hodge is presently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in media and communication, with a specialization in multimedia, at the University of the West Indies in Mona, Jamaica, where she’s won the multimedia student award for her graduating class.

Special thanks and credits to beautypageantnews

Gone fishin'


New line acting fussy.

It's been a very busy and productive summer this year. The one crummy bit has been the lousy Oregon weather. We have had a few nice days here and there, but this weekend, we finally had some real summer weather. I decided that Matt and I had to go do something that would maximize the weather so we went fishing. We went to the St. Louis Ponds, actually not too far from where we got married in '07. Perfect weather. Do you think we caught anything?




Peaceful. I saw two big fish heads pop out of the water and I swore, a little turtle's head. :)



Matt's the fishing expert.



Well... we didn't catch anything, but we sure had a great time and it was a good break from plugging and chugging away. By the way, 2012 is shaping up to be an amazing year. We have so much that we are working on but I can't tell you yet what it is, so I hope you can be patient and be sure to keep checking back throughout this next year!


This Pied-a-terre in the Los Angeles's La Cienega Melrose antiques and design district was designed by antiques dealer Lee Stranton.  ENJOY!

I will be back on Wednesday, but I have created post through Tuesday.  I think that you will love them!!
Back to school soon!

Can't wait to get back and visit all of your blogs!


See you soon,

Lofts and Condos Spring/Summer

Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 최재연 Choejaeyeon

No.: 12

Name: 최재연 Choejaeyeon

Birth Day: September 7, 1991

Occupation: Student of Kongju National University (in Applied Mathematics)

Interest: Yoga, reading, listening to music, piano, clarinet

Height: 172.1 cm

Weight: 50.1kg

Measurement: 35-23-35

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 김다혜 Gimdahye

No.: 11

Name: 김다혜 Gimdahye

Birth Day: January 26, 1989

Occupation: model / fashion design

Interest: Watching movies, cooking,

Height: 172.8 cm

Weight: 53.2kg

Measurement: 33-24-35

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 김영은 For Kim

No.: 10

Name: 김영은 For Kim

Birth Day: March 3, 1989

Occupation: Department of Entertainment Broadcasting

Interest: Yoga, performing arts, dancing

Height: 169.1 cm

Weight: 48.6kg

Measurement: 35-23.5-35

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 서다영 Seodayoung

No.: 9

Name: 서다영 Seodayoung

Birth Day: May 22, 1987

Occupation: KU School of Media Science 4

Interest: Magic, Korea Dance

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 49kg

Measurement: 33-24-34

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 남미연 Nammiyeon

No.: 8

Name: 남미연 Nammiyeon

Birth Day: September 26, 1992

Occupation: Aviation Tourism student

Interest: Movies, music, newspaper clippings, playing the piano, hiking

Height: 171.8 cm

Weight: 56.8kg

Measurement: 37-24-37

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 엄상희 Eomsanghui

No.: 7

Name: 엄상희 Eomsanghui

Birth Day: November 25, 1987

Occupation: Yonsei University student

Interest: wind surfing, horseback riding, singing

Height: 170.1 cm

Weight: 50.2kg

Measurement: 35-22-35

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 김진이 Kim two

No.: 6

Name: 김진이 Kim two

Birth Day: July 24, 1989


Interest: Taekwondo, Korea Dance

Height: 169.8 cm

Weight: 48.1kg

Measurement: 33-23-35

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 문경진 Mungyeongjin

No.: 5

Name:문경진 Mungyeongjin

Birth Day: June 25, 1986


Interest: Swimming, cooking, reading, boxing

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 55.7kg

Measurement: 35-25-36

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 송진영 Songjinyoung

No.: 4

Name: 송진영 Songjinyoung

Birth Day: 29 August 1988


Interest: Ski

Height: 169.3 cm

Weight: 47.7kg

Measurement: 32-24-35

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

Miss Korea Universe 2011 Contestant - 최은영 Eun Young Choi

No.: 3

Name: 최은영 Eun Young Choi

Birth Day: February 17, 1990


Interest: Swimming, flute

Height: 165.9 cm

Weight: 50kg

Measurement: 34-24-36

Courtesy of misskorea.hankooki

Fun In The City

Kate & Emma at Sourced Grocery in Teneriffe

Have you ever played tourist in your own home town?  Let me tell you it's so much fun and it makes you realise how wonderful the place is that you live in. 

I left home early Saturday morning and met up with Kate & Emma who I have got to know through blogging.  Earlier in the year they hosted me in their home town of Adelaide and this weekend was my turn to host them here in Brisbane.  We hit inner-city hot spots like The Pink Flamingo, Crosstown Eatery, Paddington Antique Market, Les Salles, Blake & TaylorWoolloongabba Antique Market, Absolutely Fabulous, New Farm Park and a Brisbane newbie  Sourced Grocery in Teneriffe.

Sourced Grocery

The girls were so impressed with Brisbane which made be feel so proud of our city.  I have never done a 'Best of Brisbane' style post here at ABT but I'm thinking it could be fun to do and great for anyone who might be looking at visiting our fabulous city!!

My weekend finished on a bright note with Harry arriving home from his grandparents house with this branch of gumnut for me.  He spotted it whilst at the park and thought I would love it.  He was spot on.  I love it!!

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