♥ ♛ the romantic moment he gave me ..

After all the classes & the work,in the weekends i usually being a lazy ass. I have been doing nothing but sleeping & browsing the internet for the whole day!. Hney is busy doing his work for his presentation next week. He hasn't been sleeping for almost 4 days now,he stayed up all night long & only took a nap later on lunch time. Poor thing ~

Anyway,while i was figuring out what to do,i saw choggie in the other side of my bed. I remembered that i haven't post any blog about him.

So i am in the mood of telling little stories about hney gifts since choggie was one of his surprises.
(Romantic Mode = On)

Since the first time i knew him,hney has always been the kind of guy that always makes me feel special. I'm not even sure what he did.. he just does. He's not really a romantic kind of guy,really. He will not do the sweet things to me everyday. But while i didn't expect it,he always succeedly surprised me that didn't even give me any clues of what was about to happened!. That's why it always goin to be special and will always be. =)

I remembered this one time,sometime after my birthday;2 years ago,we dine in pizzahut. while we're waiting for our food ordered,he said he needed to use the toilet. I waited for about half an hour and asked me to close my eyes. I thought he was going to make some jokes while eventually he ran along outside to buy me candles that he put into the cake from pizzahut to wished me happy birthday. i knew that it was spontaneous thing.. it was just touching!.

He also gave me this huge set of beautiful roses before i had to moved back to Indonesia. I kept it until it died. Quite sometimes he bought me roses that people sell in the street where we were happened to be there. It always makes me blushed.

But the one thing that i remember the most is when i was about to have a vacation back in Indonesia,just couple of months before this present time,i was already staying in Malaysia at that time. Unfortunately,my flight was canceled that day,but the day after it,a package of big beautiful roses arrived at my door with a note that says "Sorry for hasn't being a good 'husband' lately". I felt like i was going to cry at that time!. That package supposedly sent to my home in Jakarta,but since the flight has been canceled,he sent it at the apartment in malaysia. How sweet ~

this is the pics of the flowers he sent me that day..

Later on,on our birthday we were in Thailand,at hney's home country. We were about to celebrate both our bithday together for the first time,because for the last 2 years,we had not a chance to celebrated it together. Mine's in 27th Dec,his is on 28th Dec,just a day later mine's. what a coincidence,isn't it!. As for me,i don't need anything that special on my birthday. some little meaningful are already mean a looot to me. For example,the presence of the people i love the most and their prayers are already are the best gift for me. I'm glad that he felt the same way too. So that night,we blow our little cakes..

Before we blow the cakes,we went to this mall in Thailand for a little refreshing. The story is a little bit similar with the Pizzahut story that i told you before. We went for lunch in Sizzler. He said he wanted to go somewhere for a bit (he didn't say where). I actually was already felt suspicious. I was damn nervous the whole time while i was waiting for him. After about 20 minutes he came back with empty hand. I figured i was just too confidence and i forgot about my guess already. After we finished the lunch,he said he wanted to stob by one of the department store in the mall,we went to the sections of Dolls and Teddies. He then said that I can find some cute ones and he will buy it for me. I started looking,until hney was already in the front of me,holding a giiiannntt wrapped gift. It was already wrapped!!. He was smart,he asked me to look around so then he can freely go to the counter where they wrapped it and kept it for him!.
And of course,it was a giiiant teddy!!. A giiiant hugee one!!. The biggest i've ever had. It is a dog teddy,he chose it because i used to have this small dog doll where i used to sleep with it all the friggin time. He was named 'doggie'. But doggie was broken sometimes after i move to malaysia. I still kept it in my wardrobe,i'm afraid to ripped it even more. Hney knew about it,and he then chose a teddy that looks a bit similar with my old doggie. That's why i named him choggie from 'chocolate & doggie',since his color is chocolate. ~

and this is choggie

Thank you,hney..
You're the sweetest and best i've ever had! ever!.

Oooh,and Hney made a painting of us at the first year we broke up & live separately. When he was still in college in KDU in Penang Island,Malaysia taking Interior Design. He had to make a painting at that time for his assginment,and he paint this.. (right now Hney is in ,Equator Academy of Art)

His painting is abut our Long Distance Relationship which is over right now because we're together again now. =)
We had LDR on the 2nd year we were together that eventually we broke up for about a year. Me in a towel represent a very me,the stairs represent the long and far ways that separated us,the black tree or could also mean a crack between us,and hney close up face represent that this is the way he saw us at that time.

Snap! Girls TV "The Pilot Episode"

Our friend Dave Bettencourt told us about a sweet little video camera called the Flip Video. I purchased one the next day... and set about my evil plan for torturing Trish and Melissa, and hey, while I'm at it... all the other vendors at weddings too. Why not? I know you guys love seeing the behind the scenes photos... so now you can see us in live action too. I shot this movie at Karalyn and Erik's wedding. Plan on seeing a lot more of these.
Lights, Camera.... Action!

The Silver Lining

I've always been a firm believer in the saying "Everything Happens for a Reason," a belief instilled in me by my mom and Nana. I repeat that thought during perplexing and surprising moments, but most often, I repeat it during difficult times.

I always seek comfort in the belief of a reason, although, many times, when in the midst of a challenging period, it seems impossible to see what the reason is.

"Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining," is a phrase that sums up the belief in a different way, and last night, E and I were discussing our own recent "silver lining" in life-- a missed job opportunity that at the time was devastating, but which we can now clearly see was a tremendous blessing in disguise.

As E and I try to navigate this new piece of life we've begun carving out, this poster would make for a very perfect reminder that a year from now, we may well look upon other silver linings still yet unseen.

Karalyn and Erik at Belle Mer Part 3 - The Party!

It feels like we have had a whole day of fun already (because we have!) but we've got an entire evening of good times ahead... Karalyn and Erik wanted to get a peek at the ballroom before anyone else, so we snuck in first for the big reveal!


Here's Belle Mer's Stuart... he's making sure Karalyn is a happy camper. She definitely is!

Karalyn strikes a pose with Pam of PDR Events... the lady behind the scenes.

How would you describe this arrangement? Sparkles, Crystals, Wintery sticks, Giant white flower poms... Semia has outdone herself here.

Melissa was photographing the details... but here's Trish muscling in for the shot.

Love the feathers.

I wanted to keep this big sparkly M for myself. Karalyn might have noticed it missing from the top of the cake though. I think Trish and I have got all the angles on the cake covered here.

As if her day wasn't perfect enough... Karalyn also gets a killer sunset. We ran outside for some quick sunset shots.

...and then of course the Blue Light...

Ta Da!

These folders are for the photolounge pics... Melissa is feverishly printing them out and setting them out for the guests to pick up.

The band was excellent... Beantown Band. If you are looking for a band- make sure to check these guys out.

Erik gives Karalyn a little spin around the dance floor...

Whew! The evening is flawless- thanks to Pam's team and the stellar staff at Belle Mer.


That's Erik in the middle of the dance floor- who knew he had such awesome moves! I've never seen anyone dance so skillfully to Billie Jean before (except maybe Michael himself).

A little "Living on a Prayer"... and Karalyn playing the guitar.

The End!

K & E, Thank you, thank you, thank you for making us a part of such a fun day! Can't wait until you get back from Hawaii so we can talk about it all! Hope you love the photos so far, there's a lot more where that came from!

Friends and Family of Karalyn and Erik, if you want to receive an email when all of their photos are ready to view on Pictage, click here, and register.

♫ Awesome Beat..

Santogold or Santigold..

Talented new artist!. She is a mucician,a songwriter,and also a producer.
The first time I heard her was in Gossip Girl Soundtrack,there were one of the scene that play her song 'Shove It' in the background. It was soo catchy that I had to google that song. After Shove It,I listened to her other songs,& it was just worth to hear if you're looking for something fresh and catchy,even though my BF finds it a bit annoying for him. =(
Her unique music is categorized kind of into rock, new wave, post-punk, electronic, and dub in the same time,or *electro-pop in my perspective. She has been compared a lot with M.I.A & Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (which is one of my most fav band of all time!).
She is Santi White better known by her former stage name as Santogold or (now) Santigold.
She is best known for her single..
♥ L.E.S Artistes & The Creator. You can see her official video right now in YouTube.
Personally,I like her other songs which are..

♥ Say Aha,
♥ Shove It, &
♥ You'll Find A Way (Switch & Graeme Sinden Remix).. it's worth to hear ~
Apparently she's been voted by
The Rolling Stones to be one the must artist to watch in 2008.
Soooo..... ~ she's not bad at all!.
Make sure you check out her album while she's still hot.. or just type her in Youtube.

The other talented & unique artist that I'm listening to right now is..
Lykke Li, a swedish indie singer.

She is magnetic!!. I simply confused how to categorized her music. Lykke Li came to my playlist while I was reading the review of her in one of the Radio station.
Some of her very catchy songs are..
♥ Breaking it Up
♥ Little Bit
♥ I'm good I'm gone

'Youth Novels' album of hers..


Karalyn and Erik at Belle Mer 2.21.09 Part 2

Karalyn and Erik really wanted some fun photos that felt like "Newport", and I really wanted to give them what they wanted. I was a nervous wreck the whole week fretting about the weather... but Karalyn lucked out. We had a gorgeous day, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing a little, but not enough to keep us inside. When Karalyn and I met a few weeks ago she assured me that she was up for anything for photos. She said I had free reign to drag her all over Newport... okay Karalyn, be careful what you wish for... We started at Salve Regina in Newport, I love these big ornamental gates.


You can't have enough smooching...

Next we head right down the street to 40 steps on the Cliff Walk. I love this spot, but it's tricky... sometimes the light is all wrong- and then there's the problem of tourists- not today! The sun was in just the right spot and we had the place to ourselves.

There's that breeze- it's working for us though!

Where are we?!

Trish is coming to the rescue... Karalyn forgot her bouquet at the top.

Karalyn was very brave and went off roading a little here- not too easy in heels, but she was giving it 110% as she says... it pays off!

Nice of you to join us Erik.

Here's Trish and Mike Picard getting the shots pictured above... I am not sure what's going on in this other photo- it's pandemonium, I like it though. Who is Erik trying to catch here? Me? Karalyn? Both of us? I think we are both in trouble if we slip. Oh- and what is Melissa doing? Catching Erik? This has disaster written all over it.

Karalyn loses the shoes to make it back up the steps...

Pretty dreamy.

Karalyn had some fun sunglasses stashed away- I am picturing her wearing them now on the beach in Hawaii.


Next stop... Bannister's Wharf. Doesn't get much more Newport than this.

Every time I am down here I find a new spot. I love this little dock. It's so New England.

This is Trish's shot. She's pretty tricky, I didn't even see her doing this photo. That's the fun thing about shooting together, when we get back to the office and look at the photos there are all these unexpected perspectives... Love it!

This photo was Karalyn's idea, she liked the sign. Good idea!

Heading back to Belle Mer, it's party time!

2 more photos with yours truly. I love the bottom one with me and my bride buddy.

You think that was fun!? You haven't seen anything until you've seen Belle Mer transformed by Semia! The sparkle factor is going to hurt your eyes (in a good way!) Stay tuned for Part 3 On Saturday!

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