Snap! on the other side of the camera...

So we spent a very long day yesterday working on a really fun project... a snap!-umentary. We had the talents of Dave Bettencourt and his team working hard to try and make us look good (not an easy task). It's something that we have been thinking about and planning to do for a long time now and it's exciting that it's finally happening. The final project will be a fun video starring the Snap! Girls, so that people can get to know us a little better. It will debut here on the blog and then live on the website. Not sure when but we will let you know.

In the meantime we wanted to share some images from our shoots. Today features the adorable Robin and Patrick at the Botanical Center in Roger Williams Park in Providence. A fantastic location for photos no matter what the weather!
Who made this bouquet??? We did! I think that feathers are entirely underutilized in bouquets!

Here's Mariah doing a little interview, she was really nervous!!!! The sound guy on the other hand was totally relaxed...
Here I am working it with the 'big lens'. It's so fun to use!

Patrick and Robin are so sweet together, very in love as you can tell! You might recognize the lovely Robin from a recent Snap! and Chat about her mad make up skills. Patrick is also a very talented artist but in a completely different way. Check out his website at

How dreamy is this?! Robin's sister did her amazing hair. I believe that she may also be available for some wedding hair along with Robin for make up.

Here I am again with Dave shooting me in the background. We definitely have anew appreciation for how hard it is to be in front of the camera! But I decided that you just have to forget all the self consciousness and go for it. It's the only way the person on the other side of the camera can get the 'good stuff'. I just have to trust Dave to make me look good (or else!).

Thanks to everyone for pulling out all the stops and going to such effort to make this shoot a success! We are so appreciative!!!!!

Check back tomorrow for another shoot in downtown Providence....


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