snap! & chat with Sayles Livingston

Sayles is a natural pick for our snap and chat... she's lovely, she's talented, we admire her beautiful work and when we see her at weddings there is no time to chat... she's busy making everything gorgeous and we are too busy snapping away. So naturally Trish and I were really looking forward to a little "quality time" with our long time friend Sayles...

Maybe it's just because she has a fancy name... I'm not sure, but her name to me is synonymous with quality, good taste, and uniqueness.

I must admit, before I met Sayles I was a little intimidated by her name. I thought anyone with a name like Sayles Livingston must be really chichi.

As you know, I am not so chihi...

What a relief to meet Sayles, and to learn that to be Sayles is to be gifted and gracious...

Fun Fact about Sayles: She LOVES bugs.

I guess that makes sense for a gal with a masters degree in entomology & horticulture.

Sayles also has an undergraduate degree in art.

What would one do with degrees in flowers, bugs and art? Why become a world class floral designer... Duh.

That's enough for me to admire right there... but let's mix in the fact that Sayles is a really stellar business woman and also a wife and mother of four really good looking kids.

It's making me tired just thinking about it.

Take a look at any of the local bridal mags... there are a lot of florists out there! What sets someone like Sayles apart from the rest? I know personally, that I always recognize her work. If I get to an event and I am unsure of the florist... if it is a Sayles wedding I know right away. It just has a certain quality, lushness, and richness to it.

"I take things very seriously. I really give of myself to each of my clients. I think that separates me. I have toyed with the idea of transitioning to a bigger team of people, but it's hard to do that and still give everyone and everything the attention it deserves."

Well said Sayles... we've had that problem too!

I asked Sayles who she thinks is drawn to her as a client... "People who love flowers and people who know flowers!"

"I think my style can be described as lush and unpredictable. I didn't study floral design, so coming from a background of art and horticulture I put things together and then I am surprised. I don't have a huge team of people so my designs aren't 'controlled'... it's not like a recipe."

That being said, Sayles really likes it when a client comes to her and doesn't really know what they want yet... "It's more fun for me when they don't have really specific ideas. It's more fun to start from scratch and create a look."

Sayles' office is brimming with photo albums full of all the bouquets and centerpieces she's created over the years...

Step one for brides is to start pouring over the albums so Sayles can help them define their style.

I always wonder what a florist's favorite flowers are... Sayles loves hydrangea, peonies, big fat roses, pods and berries.

Here's some exciting news... Sayles' brand spanking sparkly new website is going live any day now:

I got a little sneak peek at the new site while we were there... any you know what? It's chichi!

The photography on the site is so beautiful, it really showcases her amazing talent... and I'm not just saying that because there are quite a few of our images.

Side note: Sayles is always really conscious of giving credit to the photographers who provide her with images- I really appreciate that about her. Thanks Sayles!

Trish was completely obsessed with all of the rich and fabulous ribbon Sayles has at her office. Talk about inspiring. I love color! Sayles thinks people can be a little afraid of color and often opt for more simple white and greens- I say the more color the better though!

It's nice to have some living things growing in your office... makes it feel a little less like the depressing dreary winter that it is. Clearly Sayles has a knack... I on the other hand have a black thumb. All plants in my care die horrible and painful deaths.

It's just so terrific to see talented and genuinely wonderful people succeed at doing what they love. Maybe that's the key... if you are doing what you love success is sure to follow? Probably yes.. with a great big dose of crazy work ethic. Sayles is a really busy lady but somehow manages to balance it all with grace and a loving spirit. Hope a little of that rubbed off on me during our chat.

You must go to Little Compton and visit Sayles! It's the cutest town in RI, even on a snowy day in February. She recently moved her office a little closer to the rest of civilization and there are some cute and cozy restaurants for lunch and shops for browsing... ladies- invite your mom and make a day of it. (Moms love Sayles by the way).

Sayles - thanks for chatting. We learned a lot about you and from you too!


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