The snap! cam shares a quiet evening at home with Sam and Mike

The snap cam is really getting around town... it spent 24 hours with Sam and Mike in Newton Ma. Sam and Mike are getting married April 24th at the Towers in Narragansett. I can't wait!

Sam says she was pretty psyched when the snap cam arrived- Mike on the other hand asked "What the hell is a snap-cam?" Apparently when Sam brought him up to speed he decided he didn't want to be photographed in this outfit....

Mike sent Sam to the grocery store so he could do some sexy man chef action. Love it! This is a photo of their basil plant- Sam says they've had it for a year. What's Mike going to cook up for us?

I agree with Sam, not much sexier than a man in the kitchen. Woo-hoo. (that's me whistling in case you were wondering). Mike is creating a little dish he likes to call pasta with scallops and shrimp and "zing-a" sauce. Apparently the zing-a sauce is his gram's recipe. Zing-a sauce has a kick, I am guessing his gram is from Rhode Island?

MMMM! I wish there was a third place setting for me.

I love the team work here. Mike cooks and Sam does the dishes.

What's Mike going to do after dinner? Study! Sam bought him this sign because apparently he's ALWAYS studying. Mike is a pharmaceutical student at Northeastern.

Good looks and brains too.

This is Sam's very organized DIY cabinet.She's making their programs, place cards & menu cards. Crafty! I love how everything matches!

Here's Sam addressing her invitations. She took a calligraphy class and she's really good at it. Sam says writing pretty letters is relaxing.

This is a cute one... this is the bus stop where they take the bus into the city for work.

Mike took these photos on the way to school. I like this photo Mike- it's very manish... and the reflection in the building is cool.

Here's Sam baking a banana bread. Mike wants everyone to know that although he appreciates the banana bread... baking is not a frequent occurrence in the house. Hey... who took a bite out of that bread?

The best for last... this is Richard. Sam loves him and dresses him up for the holidays. She thought the snap suitcase matched his Valentine outfit quite nicely. I think so too.

Hey guys- thanks so much for letting us to peek into your evening! I am still drooling over that zing-a sauce. What are the chances of me scoring some of that? Love, Mariah

P.S. Trade you for one of my famous peach pies!


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