On The Lake Movie Premiere

Here we are at the premiere of On The Lake: Life and Love in a Distant Place, a film about about the tuberculosis epidemic in 1900s America and globally today. It was directed by our good friend and wedding videographer, Dave Bettencourt. Here's the marquee! Congrats, Dave!

Here's the director himself! He's behind the camera and in the ticket booth! He does it all...

When I met Dave he was making movies just for the fun of it with friends at URI. After URI it was on to BU for film school. I still remember going to see his movie, Frozen Dead, in Boston. It was about a young man who has to fend off zombies with his groceries. It's pretty amazing to see Dave now, making movies and getting rave reviews! I'm very proud of him.

The design on Dave's tie is fashioned after tuberculosis cells.

How cute is this guy?! This is Joey, one of Dave's three little boys. My husband is trying to adopt him, but Dave and Marisa won't let him go. Darn!

Here I am! I'm doing my signature photo move. When I hear the shutter I immediately start pointing at nothing. I don't know why, but I like it.

Here is Dave and his wife, Marisa. Someone once said that Dave hit the wife lottery. Not only is Marisa thin and gorgeous, but she is also the funniest person you'll ever meet. Everyone loves her including me.
Here's Dave and the co-producer and writer of the film, G. Wayne Miller, during the Q&A after the film.
Congratulations on a successful premiere, Dave! We wish you great success in the future!
Melissa, Trish and Mariah


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