The Snap! Cam visits Emily and Joaquin in Craaaaaanston, RI

Our latest Snap! Cam adventure comes to us from Emily and Joaquin! You might remember them from their fall fabulous photodate at Roger Williams Park.
Joaquin actually lives two hours away from Emily! When we got the camera back I thought that there would be photos of Emily only. Luckily for us the camera arrived on Joaquin's birthday!! (Happy Birthday, Joaquin!) I was very excited to see that he was up for a visit just in time for the Snap! Cam!
For his birthday, Emily got Joaquin his first purple tie! He's going to need it! He just passed his Series 7! Congrats!

Even though it was his birthday Joaquin brought Emily a present, Empanadas! Joaquin's mother made them. He is originally from Argentina so these are the REAL DEAL! They look delicious!!!! I wouldn't be mad if you brought me some, Joaquin

Emily says "Empanada (AKA Argentine Food Heaven)"... YUMMMY!

Here's Joaquin on the computer! These two are computer people! They are both on facebook, AIM, and according to the journal Emily has been chatting us up on the Knot. Thanks, Emily!

Speaking of the journal... WOW! Emily is verbose, to say the least! She filled up half the book!!! It wasn't surprising. She is what I'd like to call a "Chatty Cathy"
For Joaquin's birthday they went to Boston to meet some friends and have a "raspberry mah-gah-ritah"

Here is Joaquin and Emily AKA Wawa and Lilie, their nicknames for each other. Wawa originated when Emily's family were meeting Joaquin for the first time. They didn't want to mispronounce his name so they just made up a new one for him! It's funny because I was actually afraid of saying it wrong when I met him! Why didn't anyone tell me about the Wawa option!! Lilie was the name of Emily's imaginary friend when she was little. She's also known as Emililie, but Joaquin decided on Lilie for her. Because of the name he always brings her bouquets of Lillies! How cute is that?

I bet Emily and her family were excited Joaquin was visiting during a snow storm! He shoveled snow from the driveway...

Emily not so much...

That's a long driveway! Good job, Joaquin!!!

For Christmas Joaquin's mom bought Emily a pair of Onion Goggles! I've never seen these before and I want them! I can't stand cutting onions, but I include them in all my recipes. They look funny, but are her eyes tearing up? NO! Emily has reported that they do indeed work!

This is where Emily's ring lives when it is not on her finger. This box was a gift from Joaquin's family in Argentina.

Happy Birthday!!! Make a wish!

What's that you're doing with your hands? Making an "F" and a "U"... HEY! I thought you liked us! Just kidding! Emily and Joaquin are representin' Fairfield University! FU in the house!

Thanks for letting us peak into your lives! We'll be seeing more of these two in August when I, Melissa, take spectacular photos at their wedding!


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