Wedding Albums Gone Crazy!

We wanted to share some fun stuff with you all! We have just started working with a new album company and their cover colors ROCK!!! We don't have a whole album to show you yet, but we've got one on order and will post that as soon as it comes in. Check it...

Check out all of these sweet fabrics and leathers below. The fun part about this company is that you can customize the cover. For example, you can two different kinds of fabrics, maybe a strip through the middle... You can also do photos on the cover in all kids of configurations. It's so fun!
There are so many that I like for different reasons, but hands down I am totally crazy for the patten leather! Seriously, how cool would a big shiny white patten leather album be? Maybe paired with one of the bumpy green leathers? I will be so excited if someone selects that for their album this year!
Also, we are no offering this classic leather album with the option of a photo on the cover. It's a little less $ than the silk or funky leathers but very lovely. The color choices for this album are a bit more traditional, because not everyone wants a crazy shiny wedding album! So this is a good alternative...


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