Snapping it up downtown...

So here we are with another installment of the 'making of the snap!-umentary video'. We were a bit chilly while shooting in downtown Providence, but it's so awesome there. A place once though of as the armpit of New England is now such a hip and happening city. We thought it would be a ghost town on a Sunday but it was bustling, like a real city! I love Providence!
As you can see, the very stylish Josh and Heidi were totally in love and smooching like crazy!!! They were so great to work with and out up with the windy chilly elements to create some gorgeous images! They're not hard to look at...
Here are Mariah and Melissa looking on as the action happens. There is a lot of waiting around in film making. We are used to a go go go kind of pace, this was more exhausting!

Cute as all get-out, right?!

Here's Dave setting up a shot, and there is me 'supervising'. Just what every director wants, a back seat driver!

Providence is chock full of all these great alleys and nooks with the old city charm.

OK, seriously how cute is Melissa? She is sporting a fab vintage coat she scored, love it!

Here's Dave directing his guys on the next move...

Well, this pretty much is perfection for me. Totally in love, standing in a big heart, what more could you ask for???

Check back tomorrow for one more shoot at the Lippitt House, you won't be disappointed!


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