Angela and Gregg's Reception - Dominican Republic - Punta Cana Golf Club

So here we are, finally arriving at the reception. Does it seem like it's taking along time? We have so many great photos that it would be one gigantic blog post, so this seems a lot more manageable. Not to mention the fun that everyone must be having getting to see new photos every day! I must say that I feel like it will be so sad when there is no more Angela and Gregg to blog! Maybe they will have a baby right away and I can blog that...... Nor pressure Angela, just a thought. Anyway, enjoy today's installment!

These flowers on the tables were so amazing, obviously local.

Sweet little menu cards at each place setting.

Here's the view from the deck.

Nothing wrong with cocktails poolside AND beachside.

Table 10 is the best!

It was so pretty. The ceilings were SO high.

The big entrance, woo hoo.

The very romantic first dance.

A little dip for good luck.

A lovely toast by Gregg's brother Todd. He had some sweet stories about Gregg.

They laughed.

They cried.

The maid of honor telling about Gregg asking Angela out in college, numerous times.

Apparently the friends did not approve, but hopefully they do now!

The other best man telling Gregg stories, Gregg is looking a little nervous.

The Assumption's in Wustaa!

Here's the yummy cupcake bonanza for dessert.

Angela and her Dad dancing.

They had like a 'real' DJ. We were thinking that is might be house music all night, but he played for the crowd, very fun!

Watch out! Crazy white man dance moves coming at cha!

Angela working it...

I think this is specific jump and bump move that these guys always do.

The ladies were sweaty dancers too!

I love this photo that Mariah got in the bar. I love her legs in the mirror and the girls trying to order two drinks.

Did I mention the heat...

This is Angela's friend who help with the hair during preparations. Apparently there was a hair snafu that needed some fixing!

End of the night smooching out on the front step. They had fun lights that changed the color of the front of the building all night.

Check back tomorrow for the Photo Lounge Photos. Also, click here to sign up on Pictage to see all the photos when they are ready.


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