Angela and Gregg's Rehersal Dinner on the Beach - Dominican Republic!

Hola! Here is another installment of our destination wedding at Punta Cana. I know that all of the friends and family are waiting for more pix on a daily if not hourly basis! Shout out to Angela, thank you for the nice message and I'm so glad that the photos are making you happy and making it easier to be back into reality! It's hard to come back to the cold and grey days!

OK, so this was a familiar site on the resort, Angela wildly driving around on a golf cart getting things done. So cute!


This is the pool at the club where the wedding was.

Gregg was totally excited to wear his 'funny pants'.

Angela and her Dad concentrating on what should happen next. Her Dad officiated the wedding too since he is a Deacon at their church.

Here is Angela lining up the kids and maids. Check out that sky in the background.

The kids entertaining themselves during the rehearsal.

Rehearsing...everyone was getting hungry I think.

How cool is this set up right on the beach?!

It smelled so good, smokey food and warm breezes.

Let's not even talk about how delicious the rum punch is... don't worry we didn't have one until AFTER we were done shooting for the evening.

BBQ on the beach!

All of the Assumption girls...

Mariah got this shot from the dock looking onto the shore.

Angela is happy, must be the rum punch!

So it turns out that 'funny pants' run in the family! That's Gregg's Dad on the right.

Maybe they will have little madras babies.

Here's Angela's fam, I won't comment on Shelley's sunburn.

Here's Nana, she had sworn off travel but was happy to make the trek for Angela's wedding. I guess she used to be a real jet-setter.

Angela and her best friend Michelle...

The kids again, they were having the time of their lives playing on the beach.

The happy couple having a last smooch before the big day...


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