Angela and Gregg - Dominican Republic - Getting Ready and First Meeting

It's a nice day for a wedding! The weather leading up to Angela and Gregg's wedding had been picture perfect. I know that Angela had been crossing her fingers all week hoping that the blue skies and balmy breezes would hold out for Saturday. When we woke up on Saturday morning and stepped outside, this is the scene we were all greeted with... YES!
As usual, we started our shooting with the "getting ready' photos at Angela and Gregg's honeymoon suite. It was very deluxe. You can't tell, but I propped this bouquet up against the fabulous outdoor tub on their roof deck.

While I was fiddling with flowers, Trish was taking this terrific shot of Angela's dress hanging in the window. Not a bad view from up here!

Here she is!!! So beautiful! How about those eyes?! Angela is just stunning.

See what I mean?

Angela's mom helping with the veil and jewelry.

Trish picked this spot for a portrait of Angela. Trish is the master spot scouter- although you couldn't really go wrong here! I love the warm colors.

I shot this one in an "in-between" moment.

All the gals...

We whisked Angela downstairs for another spot. She was very good at striking a glamorous pose. This one is Trish's angle...

...and this one is mine. I love her expression here, very sweet. She is probably wondering if the boys will show up on time. It really could go either way! Better go back upstairs before they arrive and see her. We want the big moment to be a suprise!

Yay! They made it! I love the jackets hanging on the side of the golf cart.

How handsome is Gregg? He's not wearing funny pants, BUT this outfit is totally working for him too. Again with the nice blue eyes..

The boys... I had my doubts about these characters, but they turned out to be the nicest, friendliest and most cooperative bunch. They only threw coconuts at us and tried to run us over with the golf carts a few times... just kidding!

Angela and Gregg decided to see each other before their ceremony. Thank goodness!!! If they had waited until after it would have been totally dark and we wouldn't have gotten any of these fabulous photos (see below!). I took Gregg out to a spot we had chosen earlier and Trish photographed Angela making her way down to meet him. It was very romantic.

Gregg has his back turned until just the right moment. He is saying, "Can I turn around now? I really want to see her!"

And then he sprints for her! Who could blame him?

Here's everybody looking on and cheering...

Well, to everyone that worries seeing each other before hand will ruin the big moment... see photo below.

Now it's time for a few quick portraits...

and also some more snuggling.

and smooching, let's not forget smooching.

Check back on Friday for the Wedding Party Formals and the Ceremony!


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