Obsessed! Marc Jacobs Statement Bag!

By Shasta Moczulski, Fashion & Beauty Director

Well hello Net-A-Porter.com! I like to think of myself as "in the know" as far as handbags go, but you, Net-A-Porter, clearly know more! My eyes have never seen this amazing bag before! A new take on a classic? Perhaps even Hermes inspired Marc Jacobs to make such a fabulous bag? All I know is that I am obsessed and need this bag up in my life, STAT!

Here is the info from www.net-a-porter.com:

Invest in timeless accessories like Marc Jacobs' sophisticated large black grainy leather tote with gold locking padlock and key. Carry this investment piece with sleek streamlined styles for a fashion-forward look that's straight off the runway.

Thank you MJ! I cannot stop thinking about this bag, I will be victorious and she will live with me soon! Net-A-Porter is such a great resource for all things FAB, so go get your shop ON!


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