Etsy Featured Designer: Jeni Peragine’s Designs!

When we at Cupcake Mag were asked to review Jeni Peragine’s designs we couldn’t say no.  Jeni is a full time freelance Graphic and Web Designer. She has been married for two years and has seven fur-babies.

Jeni’s jewelry is inspired by everything around her. “I love anything that is modern vintage, baroque, real vintage or gothic.  I was raised with Native American EVERYTHING in my house because I am part Cherokee Indian. I honestly believe this may be where my feather fascination began.”  She designs gorgeous headbands, earrings and necklaces with feathers. We at Cupcake Mag loved the feather earrings accented with bird charms.  We also die over our vintage cameo necklace in navy blue. “Other than my feather items, I love to create my own twisted versions of modern vintage… Sometimes you find the most amazing vintage pieces at trade shows and flea markets.”
Don't you just LOVE these?!

Cupcake Mag: Is your first love graphic design? When did you think up "hey, I should start an etsy shop and make gorgeous things"?

Jeni Peragine: Well my mom is really crafty and makes beads and jewelry. Her style is COMPLETELY different than mine, but she was one inspiration.. The other is that I’m just obsessed with fashion, so I would always make my own jewelry. I would get tons of compliments, so eventually I just opened an etsy.

CM: Is your style reflected in your etsy shop? How do you describe your style?

JP: Oh definitely. I am feminine with a vintage/rocker edge. I love anything true vintage as well as modern vintage and I LOVE rock music and the whole skull and grunge look. Saying this... I still am feminine so I just try to mix those two very dominant types of design to come up with the perfect twist.

CM: Feathers are the center of your shop, how did you come up with feathers to be the main focal point of most of the shop?

JP: Feathers.... I absolutely LOVE them. I love birds too.. Outside, I couldn’t have one for a pet.. But they are fabulous. I’m just intrigued by them. Also, I am part Cherokee Indian and a lot of our home décor growing up was Native American EVERYTHING.. So a lot of it probably came from that.
Just clip and go! Makes a great statement piece!

CM: Do you have a favorite piece in your shop?

JP: I like a few of the items in my shop a little more than others, but if I don’t really LOVE something it doesn’t go in my store. I really love to make the feather clips though; they are different and NEW still to me. I have been making earrings and necklaces for some time so these sort of interest me a little more at the moment.

CM: When do you find time to make your pieces in your busy lifestyle?

JP: Whenever I feel creative and want to design jewelry, I just make time for it. I have tried to design on days that I was just not feeling it, and nothing gets accomplished. I just decided to design when I feel like it, it works out a lot better that way!!
This necklace was just enough flair to add to her OOTD.

CM: Fifty percent of all profits go to your cause BREATHE-AND-RELEASE, has it always been a dream to create an organization to help people directly (or indirectly..)

JP: YES!! I feel like it’s what I am supposed to do. I have been through a lot in my life and I feel that it is a necessity to use it to help others. The memories are not happy ones but they make me happy when I can share them with someone else to make them feel like they aren’t alone.

CM: What is next for your designs? For your cause BREATHE-AND-RELEASE?

JP: Next for my designs: Well I recently started working for myself as a Graphic/Web Designer doing freelance. I’m hoping that picks up really fast and also, due to this situation, I will have a ton more time to design items for my store. I have a new line of items coming out this year, so make sure to check out my store. I would share, but I do not want to ruin the surprise.

Her gorgeous work area

BREATHE-AND-RELEASE:  BREATHE-AND-RELEASE is officially incorporated, we are just working on getting things ready to apply for the 501c3. I travel around the country to conventions and events to share information about BREATHE-AND-RELEASE and I am currently working on putting together an event that helps reach out to people who have been abused and raped. This IS NOT all BREATHE-AND-RELEASE focuses on; it’s just for the type of event it’s for. Please check back to the fan page linked in this review for more details.

You can check out Jeni’s personal websites for more details:
Breathe and Release:


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