Stephanie and Jason at Oceancliff in Newport, Part 1

Posted by Trish: Well, it was a bright and sunny Spring day, yahoo! Just what we were going for, although the wind was a little nuts we managed to get lots of great shots. Mainly because Stephanie was up for anything and totally went with it, she was totally excited for the photos! My kind of gal!

She gave her bridesmaids each an apple green iPod shuffle, to match their dresses of course! Everything has to match!!!

I loved her bouquet, unique and lots of interesting things in there! By Jay at Goldengate Studio flowers.

I loved Stephanie sipping champagne out of a straw! Too funny! Hey, you can't mess up the make-up! Make-up by by Krystal Lucas and hair by Femme Fatale Salon.

Here is her sister helping her put the gown on, a moment they have waited a long time to share...

You would never know that it's 2009 n this photo, I love the B&B she stayed at, so cute! The Inn on Bellevue.

Her she is embracing that wind! This is such a cute shot!

Melissa was over at another Inn with the guys getting ready... His mom is so excited!

Jason is a huge baseball fan, so the guys went to a field for some photos before the ceremony, very fun!

Apparently they had to jump a fence to get in, here's Jason escaping. Melissa made it out with only minor injuries, I wish there was a photo of her jumping...she does whatever it takes!

They had their first meeting out in front of Oceancliff...

There goes that wind again, luckily Stephanie's dress totally worked in the wind. It was so flowy and fun and she was having such a great time!

This is one of my favorites from the day, it's just right in every way! Creative moments are so fun.

Here's a classic of the happy couple, ducking out of the bright sun and wind for a moment...

Melissa got this great shot, I love how it's so natural, it really portrays the happiness that they were feeling too.

Too bad Stephanie is so sad in this photo...she is an awesome poser!

The wedding party! Braving the high winds.

Such fun colors! Jason actually found Stephanie's shoes for her, now that's a good husband!

THE girls. Sorry about the hair blowing here girls, it was crazy!

Here's Mike Picard showing a replay of the veil flying off, funny!

The whole family during the Ketubah signing. Now it's official!

I love these moments.

How nice of nature to adhere to the color scheme for the wedding! Thank you!

Check back tomorrow for part two with all of the details and reception photos, they won't disappoint!


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