♥ ☺ Meet My .. Kitty Kenny.

One month before 24th April 2009, Hney & I was finding an open adopting for a kitten.
We went to this veterinary clinic to find an adoption, the lady was helping us out but we found no luck.
But on 24th April 2009, I was heading back home with Hney after grocery shopping in Tesco.
It was heavy raining, cold, and traffic jam. In the middle of the road, a kitten looking very frightened & freezing was trying to ran across the street. She panicked, then later on lying in the middle of the very busy street.

I, with my instincts, ran & take her away. (for those of you who knows me well, you would be surprised, because, I AM SCARED OF CATS!!!!)
We took the lucky kitten to the clinic to check her condition.
The very same clinic that we went 1month ago to adopt a kitten.
How coinsidence!!.
The lady in the clinic probably still remember us. =D. We were lucky, soo lucky.

She was only 2 weeks old. Still in need for her mom's milk !!
Who could have abandoned this cute little thing??
Luckily, she was alright, just having a little bit trauma.

Me & Hney decided to adopt her.

We named her, Kitty Kenny. =D
and we her.
>> 'Kitty' name was my idea because i would like a simple name for a kitten that i would easily remember. 'Kenny' was Hney idea from Kenny Characther in Southpark which he love so much. We both decided to keep the name & put it together instead of choosing only one name.

this is Kitty, with her cute pretty face, thick mackerel tubby-white color.

Today, My Kitty is 2months old. She is ready for her vaccination.
The exact today, we took her for her first vaccination & dewormed her. =D
& Hney showered her the first day we adopt her but today she took a real shower, in the pet salon for the first time. hahaaa. she was funny & calm though.
She was home happily & I was happy too.

Isn't she's the cutest, My Kitty?
love.love ♥♥


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