Honeymoon snaps! Katie and Steve in Hawaii...

So, it's time for another installment of Honeymoon snaps! Woo- hoo! I LOVE finding out where our clients are going on their honeymoons. I LOVE to travel and so it's fun to live vicariously through my little snap buddies. Katie was particularly enthusiastic about her honeymoon... she and Steve went to The Big Island of Hawaii as well as Maui and Kauai. Apparently, Katie has been planning on a honeymoon in Hawaii since she was a little girl. How nice that she ended up with a super cute hubby to take along for her wild adventures. It looks like Katie took full advantage of her exotic location and tried just about every activity Hawaii could offer...

Here are the highlights:

Katie and Steve: thanks for sharing your photos! (You really should have cropped that nude photo before you sent it to me though... don't worry, I took care of it)... not sure if I can look at Steve the same way now though. HA HA.


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