Copic tutorial - face and Auburn hair

This is my first attempt at a tutorial for the copic markers. I get a lot of questions on how I get the Auburn colored hair that is my favorite. In these pictures, I used five colors of Copic markers. For the skin, I used E00, E02, and R20. For the hair, I used YR21 Cream, and E08 Brown. I am simply showing you the way I personally color my stamps. There are lots of other ways out there to achieve a wonderful finish to your poject. I must give credit to some of the other wonderful artists out there, that have taught me so much. Two of them in particular - Claudia Rosa and Suzanne Dean. They have some amazing Copic tutorials on their blogs and I highly recommend you watch them. Ok, on to my process. Don't forget that you can click on the photos to look at them up close. I apologize in advance for going outside of some of the lines. I didn't use my color blender to remove my messes.

First thing I do is apply R20 to the cheeks. If you apply the R20 first, you don't end up with a "halo" effect around your cheek color when you're done.

I then apply E02 to shade around the face.
Blend out with E00. I shade a little at a time. It seems to blend a little easier if you can get to it before it has a chance to dry completely. You can always still blend, even after it's dry, it's just takes a little longer.

Take the shading around the rest of the face with E02

Finish blending with E00

Apply shading to arms and legs

Apply R20 to knees

Blend out with E00

Skin is done, now it's time to move onto the hair. I use the color Cream, and completely color the hair.

Take the brown and color the crown, the edges, and the hair lines

With your cream color, blend, blend, blend....

Add some brown in the same, edges, and lines

Again with your cream...blend, blend, and blend some more

Always finish by blending out with the cream. Here she is with completed skin and hair

Here's one more sample with a Tilda that shows lots of skin. No commentary on this one. Just pictures. I used the same five colors as last time.

That's it for tonight. I sure hope I was able to answer the questions you've had. Thanks so much for visiting and have a wonderful day! HUGS!


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