Tori Spelling Presents Tallulah!

Editor of cupcakeMAG sits down with Tori Spelling to talk about her first children's book, what exactly inspired.....Presenting Tallulah, how much she loves being Aunt T & all about those animals! 

You first children's book, Presenting Tallulah is getting ready to hit shelves. How excited are you? 

I'm so excited for my 1st children's book "Presenting...Tallulah". I love storytelling and I love being an author but this one will be my greatest achievement because its for my kids. I get to read it to them. Bedtime stories are such a special moment we share together. 

As soon as we received the book back in July I immediately read it to my girls and I have to say, we have read it so much, I might be able to rehearse it! My 3 year old actually has it on her shelf because she said it is just "to pretty for the bookshelf" -- we adore it. The story line is so true in todays society for so many children. Was Tallulah influenced by your childhood? 

The character Tallulah is inspired by me as a child but not completely based on me. I feel like everyone at some point can relate to wanting to be accepted for who they are not what others percieve them to be or want them to be. Its a good lesson about remaining true to yourself! And thank your little lady for loving it!

What inspired the name.....Tallulah? 

I wanted a "T" name to represent me and I liked Tallulah because its unique. Fit into the story that we are all unique in our own way. And, Max is inspired by my best friend since childhood Mehran.

Vanessa Brantley Newton did an excellent job on the illustrations. We just loved them. Were you the decision maker for Tallulah's adorable wardrobe? 

Vanessa is an amazing illustrator! She was a great partner. I did tell her I wanted Tallulah to be fashion forward. In fact the dress she wears on the cover I've recreated as a Tallulah Dress for my children's clothing line Little Maven.

We want more of Tallulah! The character is so sweet, the puppy is precious and the story is just great -- maybe Tallulah could be a series :) Do you plan on doing another children's book? 

Mimi is based on my beloved pug Mimi La Rue! Thanks! I LOVED doing Tallulah and have many ideas for more Tallulah stories and adventures so I'd love to do a second book. Even an animated series!

a look inside Presenting Tallulah on sale, September 21st 

Congrats on being an Aunt! I know  you are beyond thrilled for your Guncles. Your book will be such a treasure for you to read to your niece! What does Stella and Liam think about the new addition to the family? 

I'm so in love w/ The Guncles baby Simone! She's an amazing little girl! We are all so blessed that she came into our lives. I love being an Aunt and Godmother. And, The Guncles are unbelievable parents! But I knew they would be. Liam and Stella love Simone. Stella feeds her and Liam strokes her head and calls her "Simona". They are good cousins!

And I have to ask -- how is your backyard farm? I am sorry to hear about your poor chicken. How are the rest of the animals? 

We LOVE our animals and our small makeshift farm! Our chickens are great. Our chicken Coco is a real character. She loves to hang out and bosses the dogs around! The Guinea pigs love watermelon and are buddies with the chickens. The bunnies are sweet and like to cuddle. The goat is so funny. She thinks she's a dog and even wags her little tail. Our snake and bearded dragon love attention and Princess the bearded dragon likes to watch tv in bed with us. Liam is amazing with the animals. He's like a mini Dr. Doolittle. They all flock to him and he carries them all everywhere!

9.) You always keep so busy! Is there anything else you have coming up? You really have an amazing talent for writing! Your books are truly page turners that you don't just read once. You have many readers hoping for another book following unCharted Territori and hopefully a cook book! 

Well, since I love planning parties I would love to do a party planning book. Hopefully that'll be the next book I do. And, I'm hopeful there will be a follow up memoir to Uncharted TerriTORI. I love telling my stories and sharing them with everyone. I also hope to do more interior designing and to develop a women's clothing line would be amazing. But love designing my kids line, Little Maven and my jewelry on HSN.

all things {Tori} 

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