Jodi + Tim at Belle Mer, Newport ... Part One

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Mariah & Trish:

Jodi and Tim, it was love at first sight at Narragansett Beach when they were in their early teens. Stolen glances and stolen Twix bars from the concession stand where Tim worked eventually won Jodi's heart. It's only fitting that we should return to the scene of the crime (literally) or at least that's what we planned. Unfortunately, hurricane Earl had other ideas. We scrapped our beach photo-plan but Earl could not keep us down... we ended up with fun umbrellas which we barely needed and a smile from Jodi that lights up every room. Who needs sunshine with her around anyway?! It's true... see for yourself!

"snap shout out" to Isabella and Nicole, two former snap! brides
(second photo from the top - right)
"snap shout out" to Kylie (second photo from the top- left), Jodi's sister who hired us to photograph the wedding as a gift to Jodi and Tim- NICE!

Coming up next... the formals (outside, thank you very much), and all of the reception fun!

Venue: Belle Mer
Caterer: Fine Catering by Russell Morin
Band: Studio C Band


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