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Heavenly Cake Bakers is causing a serious eye twitch. No, that is not it. The recipe for the Apple Caramel Charlotte is causing the eye twitch. No, not true either.

6 pages of directions did almost make me run the other direction out of sheer panic but the measuring of cake pieces and assembly appeals to my love of mathematics.

The eye twitch came from being 2/3'rds the way through the project and having a disagreement with my other half (I may call him the better half when I am over it), anyways the wind fell out of my sails and that is when issues with the recipe started.

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My half sheet pan was 16 x 12 1/4 x 2 - inch (Not the 17 1/4 x 12 1/4 x 1 - inch needed) so I calculated my measurements out to fit an 8 - inch springform pan. Made my templates and used a serrated knife to cut my pieces (except for the circle; I used kitchen cutting shears).

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Jonathan apples were used in the recipe and I added peel to the liquid, as mentioned as an alternative per Rose.

(Later, the seeds were scraped into the apple poaching syrup and the pod was rinsed, dried, and added to a container of powdered sugar.)

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The layers were assembled with strained apricot preserves, frozen, then sliced 3/8 - inch thick.
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Still smooth waters, assembling my spring form pan circumference.

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ALL Hell breaks loose. I'm huffy, frustrated and windless (I am pretty sure that is a word.).

I am cooling my gelatin laden caramel Bavarian cream filling (with my edge gone, I did not see this coming) my caramel went from a LITTLE to warm to BAM!!! solid gel caramel. Instead of warming slightly, I panicked. I know, I know! In the kitchen, you take a breath . . . think about the situation . . . THEN you make a smart decision.

I was NOT suppose to panic and dump in the 2 T. of Calvados, mixing like a mad person and HOPING For a miracle. Oh wait, there is more.

I mix in the Italian meringue AND whipped cream, still hoping for a miracle. What "doesssss" happen?

I have little floating, gelled pieces of apple caramel floating in my "suppose to be" Bavarian perfection.

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I REALLY LOVED my pretty, slightly pink apple petals. LOVE them!

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I cut the charlotte and the cake stays assembled and cuts with ease.

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BUT we have floating caramel gems floating throughout. 3 days of work and I am not happy. I was aiming for Rose's photo in her cookbook. Honestly, I enjoyed the flavor but do not see myself making this again to rectify (1) bad move. =) We are smiling, see? =)

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Before glaze and . . .

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After Glaze.


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