Alison + Alex at Blithewold Mansion, Part One

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Mariah and Trish:

Alex and Alison, or "Alixon" as their friends refer to them are a match made in heaven. Just being around these two makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

A snap! first below... I was unable to decide on a favorite ring photo, so I had to include all three photos. The result of the photographical stylings of Trish, they are all beautiful in their own way... a big part of what we do here at snap! is editing and weeding through photos, but with these I was at a loss...

Diamonds really are a girl's BFF.

Alison carried this locket with a photo of her mom, so sweet. This veil was also her mothers. I am sure Alison's mom would be so impressed with what a warm, caring and beautiful woman Alison is.

The make up artist attached to the brush... attached to the hand...

is none other than our friend Ms. Robin Mcaloon. Look at that creamy skin she gets to work with! A makeup artists dream I bet!

Getting ready in the most crowded room ever!

Twinkly and sparkly!

The other half of Alixon... so handsome! Turns out he is a Newton North alumni... just like Trish!

A +A decided to see each other before the ceremony because Alison is a photo obsessed maniac (a girl after our own hearts) and we needed lots of time for snapping!
Here is Alex waiting patiently for Alison to arrive.

Hold on Alex! We are on our way!!!

Alison is making her grand entrance.

So cute.

This was quite a "first sighting"! They laughed... they cried!

Next we headed over to the beach. Alison had been on a scouting mission and found this awesome walkway leading to second beach. In all my many years of going to second beach I had never discovered this walkway. Alison could be a professional photo location scouter!

She wanted wispy grass/ beachy kind of feel- I think we got it!

I love this one.

The gang.

Having fun with the girls, how gorgeous is this color?!

I LOVE this photo of Alison. She looks like a cover girl.


It may seem like we were on the beach alone in the photos above, but as you can see from this shot... we weren't!

Nice people have nice friends.

Trish took this shot- I love it!

I also LOVE this one.

Up next we go to Blithewold to get married! Stay tuned...


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