Nina + Chris at Belle Mer in Newport, Part Two

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Trish and Mariah:

Time to get married!
Nina's dad walking her down the aisle for the big hand off...

It was a beautiful time of night just before sunset...

Chris was all emotional, even though he had spent the last few hours doing photos with Nina. It's always a dramatic moment when the bride comes down the aisle.

Picture perfect!

Cue the sailboat, thank you!

Making it official.

Mr. and Mrs!

A few quick family photos with the proud parents.
Although Nina and her sister look like twins, they aren't! However, Chris and his sister are! Funny.

A sneaky photo of the cake.

Did I mention that Nina is all about the details?

LOVE this, it really felt like this!

What a gorgeous night, just what I pictured for Nina and Chris.

A few more cuddly photos before the sun goes down.

I love this handsome guy photo.

So pretty! Arrangements by Golden Gate.

Enjoying the view with friends.

So festive and tropical!

Setting the tone for the evening... good times!

Hello Newport bridge!

Fun with cake...

The sweetness is almost too much.

I think Nina is accustomed to being treated sweetly though... lucky girl!

I always get choked up during the mother son dance. Someday that will be me!

A different kind of blue light.

Such a fun night with such sweet people... a little last smooch before the end...


Nina and Chris- thanks for sharing your colorful & joyful day with us. Chris, you totally worked it for the photos and I appreciate your enthusiasm for the pictures- bummer about that seagull pooping on your jacket though. I swear I didn't see him swooping in!
x0x0x0 Mariah


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