TAG: What's in my purse? ♥

this is probably already one of the oldest tag out there~
but I'm doing it anyway^^
some of you have probably watch one of my YouTube video about this tag "whats in my purse".
yes, I used to have a YouTube channel about beauty & fashion but I deleted it because I feel like it wasn't up to my standards yet. (translate= not good enough). xD
soo yeah, I'm settling in blogging now. it's much easier anyway^^

so let's get started..

Charles & Keith Chain Animal Print Black Purse
this bag is already kind of old. I think I got them about 2 years ago. LOL.
today I was wearing it caz I kind of miss it!!

my bag is usually neat~ but today I was in a rush so I just stuffed everything inside

 everythiing inside my bag

now, the descriptions:

 - my pink pashmina 
(I always carry pashmina, small blanket,cardigan or anything that could warm me up incase I get cold. like, inside the cinema for instance. it's super coldd in there!)

- my Ray Ban wayfarer 
(I ♥ wayfarer! I don't really like Aviator. hahaa. this wayfarer that I got is the one that I could fold)

- my wallet 
(it's pretty thick. not because I got loads of money or credit cards, but more like member cards, coupons, bills, coins, etc)

- my Paco Rabanne Black XS perfume
(this perfume is so far my most fav^^ sexyyy & mysterious~~)

-  2 movie tickets of Alice In Wonderland
(went there with Hney. the seat was E05-E06~ 23.50PM~ 4th March 2010)

- some Capilanos choco candies
(got them when I was home in Indonesia. it's yummy candies^^)

- pink pencil + 'camera' notebook
(university students always carrying this. incase I need to note down something important^^)

- pink lighter
(I don't smoke, but my BF got this for me caz he thought I would like anything pink although it was random stuff. & also incase he forgot to carry lighter. LOL)

- my Longines watch
(a gift from my BF's mom. she said she bought this in France. aww :] )

- my Blackberry Bold 9000 + pink rubber case
(my super nice Dad got me this. :] )

- my Nokia E71 Red + pink rubber case
(my super lovely Mom give me this. although my Dad is the one who bought it. hehee^^)

- my purple Sony MP3 + headset
(my Ipod was broken & then my nice Aunty give me this^^) 

- my pink Kingston flash disc
(where I save all my works, assignments, articles, presentations, etc)

- my set of keys
(room key, apartment key, mailbox key, etc)

- my passport + university ID card
(my identity. have to carry my passport around caz I'm a foreigner in this country I'm currently studying at now)

- chain bracelets
(to accessories but I often take it off in class caz it's a bit annoying to write down with them on my wrists)

- 'diamond' ring
(same reason as my chain bracelets. that's why it's ended up in the bag instead on my finger)

- MAC Lipstick
(I don't carry make up bag around caz I don't really need it anyway. if my make up melts, so be it. lol. I can't stand carrying a too heavy bag)

sooo yeawss. that's all the stuff inside my purse. I'm tagging this to anybody that wants to do it.
grab itttt^^

love.love ♥♥


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