♥ Happy Birthday to My Dad ♥

16th March 2010

Happy Birthday, Pah. :]

the best father in the whole world!! 
the one who feeds me, guides me in life, prays for me, & makes me happy. 
he makes everything is possible for me^^

happy birthday to my Dad, my Father, my Papa.
there is no ice cream, no cake, no presents to be had
just a silent birthday wish for my Dad

there are no candles, no flowers not on this day nor this hour
just a teary-eyed birthday wish for my Father

with a tear in my eye and a song in my heart, a simple birthday wish for my dad
although we are miles apart but you're always close in my heart

I Love You soo much & I wish you Health, Peace, and Happiness. AMIN
and may you have a wonderful life ahead no matter what~ ♥

 this is the only pictures that I could found of my Dad & I together. this is old too, probably 2 years ago!^^

love.love ♥♥


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