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I've been thinking about Melissa at home with her brand spanking new baby. It makes me reflect about my own babies. On one hand it seems like a REALLY long time ago that I was changing diapers and trying to figure out how to bathe them and get them to sleep. On the other hand, it seems like just yesterday and I cannot believe that my Jacques will be going to Jr. High in September. It seems like just yesterday that Trish came to the hospital to take his first portrait! I'll have to dig that up and post it next week!
Anyway, I was inspired recently to take some new photos. Vianne is growing out of her clothes every week and Jacques is taller than my mother. I don't have much more time with them as little kids and the thought of that is kind of crushing down on me a little. At least I can freeze them in time a little this way... Waahhh!
I found this amazing spot a year or so ago and have been dreaming of photographing there since I saw it. We took these photos on a warm day last week about an hour before sunset.

Vianne used to be shy for photos and do a smile that was more like a grimace.
Now she is totally working it. She's so beautiful it takes me breath away.

How about that skirt? Marshalls!

Vianne recently lost her two top teeth. It seems like she loses a tooth at school every day. The nurse sends her home with a plastic tooth container necklace holding the actual tooth inside. She has a collection of them now.

I'll be ordering this one for the wall.

Here's my heart-throb son Jacques. The best part is he is a total shameless goofball and will humiliate himself to no end to make you laugh.

I must have made a joke about farting here, because anything you say about farting is funny when you are eleven.

I am sure he will hate this photo, but I love it.

This one is going on the wall too.

The girls in Jr. High won't know what hit them. They better not call my house though, I don't think I am ready for that.

Fav of Vianne, I think... there's just too many to pick from.

Typical. McSpaz-a-tron.

Can you stand this location?!!! Who wants to do their engagement photos here? Right?!

This is cute, it seems like Jacques is looking at his sister adoringly, but in truth he is probably insulting her.

I think Grammy is going to need this one.

Time to head home. Such cooperative children, and I only had to bribe them with icecream.
Don't feel too bad for me... I actually wasn't very good with the baby stage. I enjoy them more and more every year. I can't get enough of all the funny things they say and stories about the kids at school and all the classroom drama. I think I'll be a cool mom for teenagers- I was a frazzled mom with babies. It's just sometimes I miss the squishy baby snuggling. Guess I'll have to drop in on Melissa and squeeze her baby.


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