♥ giveaway giveaway! ♥

this month is full of giveaways~~ the awesome one too^^
I'm spreading the words & entering.
wish me luck :D

- EwwitsNikki 150 Mega Giveaway
oh wow loadss of cool stuff! can I win these plsss??^^

- Sigma Makeup [Travel Brush & Eyeshadow] Giveaway on JaebumfanGirl
plsss can I win thesee fab things?^^

- Nikki's 200+ Followers Giveaway
can I win these plss?^^

- Edna's 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway
yayy polishes crrazee^^

- Shen's Addiction 2nd year Anniversary Giveaway
loads of stuff that she'll be giving out. check out her blog for more detailed!!^^

- Chloe's 500 Followers Giveaway
gimme lushes pls^^

- Simplybeautifulyou 100+ Followers Giveaway
oh wow  soo irresistible!! I wanna win these plssss if I may^^ hehee..
- Angxo First Giveaway
look there's hello kitty^^

- Fashionstalker 100+ Followers Giveaway
polishes, brushes, etc^^

- LiveLaughLove Necklace Giveaway on Alphabetachic
such one of the coolest necklaces. I esp love the statement necklaces!!

- Jesserka 150+ Followers Giveaway

- Lucy's Stash Giveaway of Sugar Boy Sweets
sweeeeeeeetss I want them pls^^ I can't get them here. hohoo~~

- Minasmoke Jewelry Giveaway on Mintgreenwithenvy

such pretty earrings^^

- Seafoam Necklace Giveaway on Gotalottogive
pretty leaf design necklace^^

- Susies1955 Polishes Giveaway
pretty colorss^^

- Nailstah's First Reader Appreciation Giveaway
ohh such nice colors of polishes^^

- Deborah Flanagan Jewelry Giveaway on Made in Canarias 
would love the bangless^^ or the earrings^^

love.love ♥♥


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