♥ Awards Tag & 7 Interesting Facts About Me. (with picss) ♥

hii. I got 2 awards today. yayyyy~~
btw, I've list all my awards that I've ever got in the sidebar now. for the fun of it.
<<<<<< :)

k. the first one is the beautiful blogger award..
from Susie in Korean Sushi^^
aww thank youu~ you're so sweet~~

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award.
2. Put the award on your blog
3. Link the person who nominated you.
4. Share 7 ‘interesting’ facts about yourself.
5. Nominate 7 other bloggers.

now, I'm suppose to write about 7 'interesting' facts about me~~
well, this is all I could come up with right now.

1. my all-time favourite band is the ARCTIC MONKEYS. :)

 incase you guys don't know~ the frontman of the band, Alex Turner is the current BF of Alexa Chung!

2. my Honey is Thai. 
we met in China & have been together since highschool. we always called each other 'Honey' since the first time we ever met! well actually I called him "that guy" or "hey you" for the first two days, but after I lost the bet that he set up (excuses to take me out) I had to call him Honey from then on & so does he. :)
read here about more detail of how we met & the bet xD. link.

there were times where we had to separate for about a year because we have to move back to our country for a while. it was a LDR & this is Hney's painting that describes the situation & his feelings~ I absolutely ♥ it!!

3. I think cats and kittens are the cutest pet ever! 
I'm a cat lover. I don't like dogs caz I personally think the are scary! 
when I see dogs within 1m's from me, I would probably run for my life. xD
this is Kitty (white-orange), Brownie & Blawi (black-white), my kittens^^ blawi is adopted by someone else now.
this is Shambles. guess where I got the name from?

4. my stuff are dominant in pink color with hello kitty.  
well, except for clothes, bags, & shoes xD
my study table, as you can see ~ featuring hello kitty laptop wallpaper, hello kitty keys, hello kitty contacts case, etc.
my bed~ with kitty's blanket & kitty's head^^

5. I wear wigs. (well, when i'm not lazy). 
the short bob style is my fav style of wig~ although I like the hairstyle & I got many compliments on it, I'm too scared to cut my hair that short :(.. maybe someday I will when I have the guts for it!

6. I ♥ Travelling. 
that's my passion besides dancing. I love exploring new places, seeing different cultures, learning history, trying different food all over the world, basically travel & travel! I didn't get the chance to explore to Europe, US, & lots of different places yet. but I'll deff try to travel far in the future. I'd like to see Machu Picchu, Eiffel Tower, Venice Town, NY City, & esp LONDON!
anyway, here are some random pix from my travel. if you wanna see moree pictures from my travel experiences or wanna read a detailed stories of my travel diary, pls go check my previous posts & my facebook.
(been heree! must goo!!)

7. I'm LOUD & Random. that's practically me. I'll be the person that laughs too loud & talk too much. this only if you know me well though. I'm basically extremely shy with strangers.

now I am tagging everyone. take it take iiitt & tag some moree~
I'd like to read everybody's random fact. hehee.


2nd award is still from the same person, Susie. :)
thanks hun~ aw you're sweet for tagging me these^^

 1. Post the logo on your Blog
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!
3. Link the bloggers and let them know!!

-- off to take a nap now. I've been staying up late for 2 nights in a row finishing my assignments.

love.love ♥♥


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