Oliver Rocks!

Posted by Mariah:
Warning!!! Extreme Cuteness! View at your own risk.
Here's a sampling of photos from my weekend with my nephew Oliver. He has a pretty busy schedule, but he was nice enough to let me hang out and photograph him in his routine.

Fingers are so yummy.

Oliver's dad says he is the luckiest baby on the block because he has a cartoon character for a mom. It's true, Mandy is part Roger Rabbit and part Winnie the Pooh.
Oliver thinks she's very cool.

Nummy. If you don't shovel the food in quick enough Oliver gets pretty pissed.


Look at those muscles. This baby is buff.

Bath time is always a hit.

Bubbles and duckies are the best.

I wish I was flexible enough to chew on my own toes.

Nap time?

Clowning around with dad... photos by Mandy!

Taking a stroll around the neighborhood.

I love this one. I think Oliver looks like me, we have the same cheeks.

Wish I knew what he was thinking here.

Well, don't say I didn't warn you. I am sure there are a lot of biological clocks out there that just kicked into high gear!


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