Baby Mania Continues...

Well, apparently my new routine is to go to the hospital on Thursdays and snap photos of fresh little babies, I'm 2 for 2. Max was last week and he didn't disappoint, now we have a new addition as of yesterday and I will have yet another probably in a few weeks!

You may remember a recent blog post of my good friend Molly's drag brunch baby shower... Well I'm proud to introduce for the first time on this blog...Carter Russell Pine...cute baby extraordinaire!

He is such a good boy, he squirmed for a half a second and then just chilled while I took his photos. He better get used to it in this family because we are snap-happy at a level you have never seen before!

I took this exact same photo of Carter's 3 cousins, and there is definitely a family resemblance going on here! Grammy is going to need a copy of this one!

The family!
Molly said, "will you take a photo of the 3 of us even though I look like crap". Not only does she not look like crap, but she will be so happy to have this photo in the future, it's a classic!

Isn't he handsome?! And so well behaved....

How cute is his little crinkly ear?!

I love the crazy baby hair-dos!

Daddy checking out his boy.

Congratulations!!!!!! He's totally fabulous and I can't wait to spoil him!
(and teach him that there are no limits)


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