Family Portrait Session

Posted by Trish:

It's always fun to see clients again after many years have gone by and now they 'are in the family way' as it were. I photographed Collette's wedding way back in 2001 I believe. Fast forward 9 years and now she lives down the street from me and has two fabulous and beautiful little girls.
It was a bit tricky but I think I managed to get a few good shots. I have no idea how you would get two little ones to pose together in a photo. I guess in a studio environment it's a little easier. But since we shoot childrens portraits 'in their natural habitat' it has it's challenges. Mainly that one year olds are not known for their ability or interest in doing what you want them to.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention another important member of the family...Shy the dog. She was so cute and nervous.

This may be the cutest photo ever, I can't stop looking at it! The paws are so hilarious!

Here's Cecelia reading a book and doing fabulous woof sounds.

I think I had my camera set to 1/60 of a second, which is good because if it was nay slower I would have missed this moment. Not that she wasn't smiling a lot, but she's a fast mover!

Natalie loves looking at her older sister and checking out everything she's doing. Older sister...not so interested in what baby is doing.

So cute!

I know that Collette was hoping to get a shot of the two girls together, probably in a more traditional way. But I LOVE this shot.

And this is the shot that tells the real story of mom wrangling two babies at the same time that need two different things. Whew.

Since things were unraveling earlier at the house I suggested that I come back in a few hours and try for some more shots when Dad was home. So I met them at a little park not far from their house. One the go as usual, I think mom and dad see this side of her a lot.

The family unit. It's kind of nice how the kids are looking in the same direction. This photo feels kind of calm, although I don't think it felt that way for them...

Seriously, how cute is this baby?! She is holding her head up now, at 3 months. But you could tell it got a bit heavy for her after a few moments.

Their loyal pup looking on to see what they were doing...

What?! Everyone looking at the camera! Done.


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