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I'm officially ready to be not pregnant. This baby has out grown its apartment in my belly and needs to move out!!

Being pregnant for a second time is TOTALLY different! You spend so much time taking care of the baby you already have that you forget you have one cooking! One of the big differences is that instead of getting all this new stuff for the baby you are just unpacking the stuff you had for your first. Most of the presents you get are more practical than all cute for cuteness sake.

That is why I was brought to tears by the amazing package I got from my mother-in-law, Susan, for the new baby! No only was it filled with beautiful things it reminded me that I really am having another baby!

All the gifts in this post are hand made!!! She is so talented and we are so lucky to get such beautiful things!

Here is a little sweater for the baby!

Yes, she MADE this! Holding this little elephant is what got the tears a rolling!

There was also a quilt and soft stuffed ball to match the elephant.

Here is the set together! Beautiful!!! The package also had a taggy toy, nursing cover, and wall hanging that was all made by Susan.

Zoe has been getting these amazing hand madepresents since she was a baby. Here is a doll that her Grammy made her for Christmas. She sleeps with her every night.

On the left is a set of barrettes! So cool! My fave is the one that says Zoe. The right is a little sushi purse with little sewn sushi rolls!!!

LOVE this genius shirt! It's just a plain white tee with a snap on it. We have a bunch of little guys that we can snap on and off.

See? Zoe loves to pick out who is going to be on her shirt every time she wears it. She often changes them throughout the day.

What's in this little rolled up package?

Zoe's crayons!!! How cool is that?!

Isn't this stuff so beautiful and really cool to boot!? This is really just some of the things she's made! You can add Zoe's curtains, my kitchen curtains with matching place mats, skirts for Zoe, toys, play food, pillowcases, doll blankets, hats, scarves and much more to the list! I am always SO excited when a Grammy package shows us at the door!

The funny thing is that she doesn't even have an etsy store! Doesn't she need one? She would make a killing.


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