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Everyone wants great skin, everyone wants people to see them, not their blemishes, sun damage or scars. Makeup will never look good on jacked up skin, so healthy skin is where we have to start. I am absolutely in love with the Epicuren skin care line. It is absolutely remarkable and has a huge celebrity following. I urge you all to go to the Epicuren website and learn about the science behind it. This line is preservative free and I love that. The less chemicals that I have to apply to my skin, the better. My skin breaks out easily so I have to be consistent with my skin care.

The easiest way to get started with these products, if you have acne prone skin, is to buy the mid size acne kit. The kit contains 2 oz Medicated Acne Cleanser,2.5 oz Benzoyl Peroxide Scrub,4 oz Acne Conditioning Astringent,2.0 Acne Spot Treat Gel, and 2.0 Aloe Vera Gel. I use the Acidophilous Probitoic moisturizer (purchased seperately) instead of the Aloe, but most acne prone people prefer to just use the aloe. I just need more hydration.

To keep my routine efficient, I keep the Epicuren Benzoyl Peroxide Scrub, Epicuren Acne Cleanser and my Clarisonic in the shower. Here are the steps I follow for my morning and night routine:

1. Mix a small amount of the Epicuren Acne Cleanser with the Benzoyl Peroxide scrub and apply to my face.

2. I then use the Clarisonic skin care brush (I use the PRO version) to exfoliate and cleanse my skin.

3. Then I rinse.

4. After showering I use a cotton pad and apply the Epicuren Acne Conditioning Astringent to tone my skin. Toning is not amust, just a personal preference of mine.

5. My go to item for anti-aging is by SkinMedica, it is the TNS Recovery Complex. I apply this after the toner.

6. My moisturizer of choice is the Epicuren Acidophilus Pro biotic Facial Cream. I love this moisturizer because my skin feels hydrated when I use it, but because of the pro biotic properties, it helps to prevent breakouts and also is great for people with sensitive skin. I add two drops of the Benev Titanium Dioxide Sunscreen drops to one pump of the moisturizer every morning, even in winter.

7. Lastly I apply the best eye product that I have ever used. IS Clinical Youth Eye Complex is just incredible, you see immediate improvement of fine lines and dark circles, but increased improvement over time. I simply pat a small amount under my eyes, morning and night.

No matter what skin care line you use, it is important to use it consistently to see results over time. It sounds so simple, but the best thing that we can do for our skin is wear sunscreen. I love the Benev drops because I can just add it to my own moisturizer and know that I won't breakout.

Do I think that the Clarisonic brush is really all that fabulous? YES. Simply the most effiecient way to exfoliate your skin. You will have less congestion in your pores and your products will absorb better because it is so well ex-foliated. Clarisonic has a great website that explains the different brushes available and the science behind the line.

Where to buy? Here are the websites where you can either purchase these products or find a retailer in your area. As with any skincare, please consult with your health care provider before using to make sure that these products would be appropriate for you before using.


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