Mellissa + Randy at Oceancliff/ Newport, RI Wedding Photographer

Posted by Mariah:

(Snap!)Melissa and I headed to Newport for (Bride)Mellissa and Randy's wedding. It was an absolutely glorious day. Warm, sunny, and beautifully breezy. To make things even more pleasant, we were joined by my buddy Mike Picard from MPV Video.

A dream team indeed...I set up this little floral eye candy for our first shot.

Love Mellissa's simple elegant dress.

The girls helping Mellissa into her gown...the bridesmaids wore a really fun shade of green.

So girly!

Mellissa, you are gorgeous!

Time for a quick portrait before we meet up with Randy (who was very nervous by the way).

Seeing each other for the first time ought to help those nerves!

I escaped with the bride and groom in my get a way car for a few portraits down the street. It was nice for them to have a few minutes alone (with the 4 of us of course). How romantic...

Mellissa doesn't seem to mind.

Such a pretty day. Mellissa hadn't been out of her hotel room all day so I thinks he was glad for a little sunshine and ocean breeze.

I love this one.

Okay, I know I already posted one of these in their first snap... but I had like 100 to choose from and I like so many of them. I can't wait to see Mike's video of this moment- it was really special and very cool. Don't tell him this, but I almost think the video might tell the story better. Of course, I would never admit that to him.

Taking the bride for a spin...

I love this photo. Thank you sassy bridesmaid on the left.

Also love this of the guys- thank you handsome men.

Stole this pose from a family photo shoot that Trish did- don't tell her either okay?

Here I have the bright idea to break out the bubbles- I think poor Mellissa was pretty horrified as they attacked her and started popping in her face. Randy is trying to protect her, but it's no good- the bubbles are too fast and too clever. Sorry for trying to get soap in your eyes Mellissa!

I like this one, I like symmetry... it's well, symmetrical.

Another variation...

Recovered from the attack of bubbles, I suggest a stroll arm in arm...

Are we having fun yet?

I've tortured everyone enough, time to get married.


Mr and Mrs!

Coming up next... the party!


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