Nikki + John's Photodate at Waterplace Park, Providence RI

Posted by Mariah:
Nikki and John wanted a Providence backdrop for their photos... I love providence! Waterplace park is practically the backyard of the Snap HQ. I wish more of our clients opted for Providence (hint...hint).

I had never meet N + J. How pretty is Nikki? Stunning eyes, pearly whites, healthy tan... how can you go wrong?

I sat on this very bench with my hubby a week or so before on our anniversary. While he was thinking romantical thoughts about me (I'm sure...) I was thinking, this would be a great spot for an engagement photo.

Nikki is full of life! I think she keeps John on his toes, or maybe it's the other way around. Either way, these two know how to laugh together.

I heart the Providence River and also this time of night...

Ooh la la.

What you can't tell from these photos (thank god) is that it was still 100 degrees at 7pm! Nikki, the dewy-ness is working for you!

It was so hot, I might have jumped in, but let's not forget this is the Providence River...

Seriously, Nikki is hot stuff.

John did not need much encouragement for canoodling...

Speaking of hot stuff...

A little dance practice...

Too bad they aren't very animated...

You guys were so great! Hope you love the sweat-free photos. Nice job looking cool in the pics despite the temp. Let's hope for mid 70's in September... 30 degrees cooler would be just right! xoxox Mariah


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