keep your foundation fresh all summer long -- its all about the primer

Our answer to keeping your foundation up fresh during this hot season is primer! It is very possible that any face makeup you apply this summer will sweat right off. That is never a cute look! A foundation primer creates a barrier between your face and skin. It is the same concept as a paint primer. It makes your foundation stay on all day. Primer really makes it look like you just applied your makeup throughout the day. Some primers actually have an added spf which is an amazing combo for summer!

Here are some of cupcakeMAG's favorites:

The formula makes your skin feel silky and smooth! It has a slight pink tint that acts as a color corrector.

Rimmel London,Fix and Perfect foundation primer, $7.59
Although it does not include a spf the formula is amazing. Apply a spf before using this primer. The price is awesome!

Sue Devitt, Microquatic Blue Anti-Aging SPF 30 Protection Primer, $48.00
Wow! This stuff is AMAZING! It has a spf and anti-aging formula. It includes the blue algae that will reduce any redness.

So when your doing your morning make-up routine,
add primer, so you don't look like a hot mess!


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