Jillian + Kevin at Rosecliff Mansion, Part Two / Newport Wedding Photographer

Posted by Mariah:

After the nuptuials we headed to Rosecliff for the reception... but first a few photos before the guests arrive. Such an amazing property, can you imagine actually living here? And this was strictly a summer home for the original owner, a silver heiress!!!

Becca was busy photographing the men while I tried to round up the girls for formals.

The whole gang!

Trying something new... it's fun to find new angles and try out new ideas when you've been to a venue many times. I was pretty pleased with myself for this one.


Lovin the lavender.

Another new angle...

A classic per Kevin's request.

Fun little moment.

These guys were so fun and cooperative, J + K have terrific friends!

Probably because they are so nice.

The intros!

Love this one.

Making the bride cry (happy tears)... Check. A toast well done.

A funky shot from Becca- fun!

My view...

Jillian and the girls from work...

Broken glass? Wet floor? This guy is totally unstopable... and clueless.

Enjoying the evening...

The end!
Jillian and Kevin- you are two of the sweetest people and I can see why your friends and fam love you so much. Thank you for including me in such a feel-good day, it's inspiring to be around the love!
xoxoxo Mariah


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