Erica + Ryan at Sankaty Beach Club on Nantucket Island, Part One

Posted by Mariah:

Starting my day getting girlie while my second shooter, Lisa tried to wrangle 9 groomsmen and 10 ushers next door- good luck with all that!
Oooh, soft pretty pink and a little sparkle, what's more wedding than that? Gorgeous florals by Soiree Florals on Nantucket.

Grampy's got my back...

Erica's gorgeous Vera Wang gown.

mmm, Manolos.

Erica's sister helping her slip into her dress.

Amazing hair by Darya Salon.

Erica's dad sees her for the first time!

Is she not the cutest thing?


Erica is beaming, she was so happy she couldn't stop smiling, even when I tried to move in for a serious photo. No matter, she looks better this way anyway.

All the beautiful ladies, and a special shout out to Lisa
(third beauty from the left), who I'll be photographing July 23rd!

The two cutest girls at the wedding.

3 out of 4 of Ryan's handsome little nephews. This is a family of boys! Ryan is one of 4 boys and his oldest brother also has 4 boys. I think everyone is glad to be adding the lovely and feminine Erica to the mix for a little balance!

Erica's grampy is very proud of her and wanted to get a lot of shots with his beautiful granddaughter.

Meanwhile, the boys told Lisa they wanted to do photos at the Gazebo... okay, I'm not one for Gazebo photos but who am I to deny a request? Turns out the Gazebo is a bar... should have known!

This church was AMAZING! Programs by Martha of course.

Erica's parents surprised her by renting this antique car for her. So sweet!
I love this shot, it feels very Nantucket to me.

Enjoying herself!

LOVE this one.

So happy, this one gives me goosebumps. It's such a big moment. I think Erica's dad feels pretty good about it.

The cuteness factor is a little over the top.

The one thing I really came away with from this wedding (besides a couple of Nantucket t shirts) was the feeling that Ryan and Erica are really made for each other. Ryan was looking at Erica like this all day. I don't think any other girl in the whole world exists for him, Erica's the one.

A sweet moment between Ryan and Erica's dad.

Erica and Ryan snuck around the side of the church for a few minutes together, but I papparazzi'd them a little bit.

I can't really get enough of Grammy and Grampy- aren't they so cute?

A big bubbly exit!

Off for photos!
Making it all happen:
Bridesmaids Dresses: Anna Elyse


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