Stacy Kaiser tells us just how to GROW UP! (plus, win a SIGNED copy of her book!)

You may know Stacy Kaiser as the psychotherapist from Celebrity Fit Club & Lifetime's Diet Tribe - along with her 100 television appearances in the last year on major networks including CNN, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and Fox.....well, along with relationship expert, you can add author to her list - her first book entitled How To Be A Grown Up (HarperONE) just came out yesterday!

Lucky for us, we were able to read the book before it hit the shelves and chat with Stacy right before she takes off on her press tour. In this witty and wise guide to life as an adult, you begin by taking the "ARE YOU REALLY A GROWN UP?" quiz designed to help you decide where you should concentrate your efforts for growth and change.

Stacy then walks you through the ten secret skills everyone needs to know for becoming a fully-loaded grown-up (yes, this isn't high-school anymore) from making peace with your body to mastering your time to facing your anxieties instead of trying to escape them -- she identifies the ten critical areas that truly help you develop the life skills we all need to become a successful, happy, well-rounded adult.

As Stacy says, "If something in your life is missing, or not working the way you want it to - be it your career, your weight, or your love life - HOW TO BE A GROWN UP will empower you with the necessary tools to take control for a better way of life." And it does just that.


CupcakeMAG: You make so many valid points through out the book that are just dead on -- it must feel great to know your helping so many create the life they want and to know that change is possible. How did the idea of this book come about?

Stacy: In twenty years of my private practice and my work in the media, despite the fact that peoples stories were different, I began to hear the same questions over and over. People facing challenges with love, body image, work, family, finances. I've proven both personally and professionally that its completely possible to tackle and improve any issue that anyone is dealing with. This book was created to teach people how to do just that.

CupcakeMAG: What is one of the hardest challenges you think people face? Why are so many so defensive when it comes to the word change - it is such a little world but makes a big difference!

Stacy: One of the hardest challenges people face is to stay motivated when it comes to making lasting changes. That's why I teach the concept of taking positive action. Positive action is about taking responsibility for your life, empowering yourself through making grown up choices and keeping on changing in a positive direction.

CupcakeMAG: In your book you let us in on the ten secret skills you need to really be a grown-up, do you think some are easier to control then others?

Stacy: Everyone is different and so everyones challenges are different. Some people will find that they struggle in one area, others that they struggle in all ten. That said, if I had to chose the most difficult areas for people, it would be appearance and relationships. Feeling good about how we look and keeping our relationships running smoothly can make all of the difference in our happiness. When they're not working, it can impact us in every other area.

CupcakeMAG: One of my favortie quotes from the book is "Baggage: Is yours small enough to fit in the overhead bin?" This is something so many can relate too. How do you tell those who are "almost comfortable to carry" it around to just let go of that extra weight?

Stacy: If a person finds themselves repeating the same bad patterns over and over, chosing the same wrong relationships, jumping to conclusions based on old experiences or constantly reliving the past even though it's long gone, that person is carrying around too much baggage. Once someone begins to let go of some of their baggage they begin to make healthier and more grown up choices which ultimately creates a happy and more fully loaded life!

CupcakeMAG: What's next for you? Can we expect a second book? :)

Stacy: I am hoping to teach people through this book that your success and happiness are about making good choices and that it's never too late to improve and fix whatever in your life doesn't seem quite right. Now that I have had the opportunity to teach people how to do that, yes! I'll be coming out with a second book!

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