Boston Wedding Photographer, Laurie + Mike at the Boston Public Gardens

Posted by Trish:

It seems so long ago that I met with Laurie and Mike when they booked their wedding with me, now fast forward and the wedding is only a few months away!
I met them at the Public Garden, they live near there and thought it would be a most appropriate place to have their photodate. It was a beautiful day, the scene was set...

They are really cute together and Mike looks at Laurie a lot... I do believe that he is quite in love with her, it's very sweet!

I thought that this would be a great one for the moms...they like the classic portrait, usually anyway.

The Boston skyline peeked through a few trees, kind of like Central Park, so fun to be in the park in the city!

Bam! How's that for city AND park at the same time. Oh, and thank you cloud for softening that sun for a few minutes!

They met at college in Philadelphia and Mike is from there, so there is a bit of a rivalry here since she is a Boston girl...

Go Sox! Sorry Mike, but you are outnumbered up here.

Cue the swan boat...

See what I mean about Mike looking at Laurie?! He's such a nice guy!

Laurie is pretty fabulous too. She's really adorable and hot stuff all at the same time.

I think this is my favorite of the day...

More loving looks being exchanged.

We strolled a little bit around Beacon Hill too, what an amazing area of the world! I was telling them how lucky I feel to get the chance to go to fun places like this for work, because on my own it would probably never happen.

Oh, just the side of a building, totally un-assuming.
Can't wait for your will be here soon enough!!!


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