Dana and Mark in Central Park, NYC

Posted by Mariah, Photos by Trish:
This was a fitting spot to begin our shoot with Dana and Mark because this is where they got engaged! Awwwh.... Pretty impressive of Mark, rowing around the pond while composing his proposal! Talk about multi-tasking.

Luckily, Mark managed not to capsize them despite any nervousness he was probably feeling at the time.

Trish spied this "mini meadow." I love how in this photo you can see we are still in the park among the people...

But where are we in this one? Wild flower field in Alaska?

Nope! Still Central Park. It was fun to try to find special spots for each couple... I think this spot with the little blue flowers was perfect for Dana and her amazing blue eyes.

Right? Because after all, as Mark said, those blue eyes are the reason he chose her! Good thing he lucked out and she has a sweet personality too. (oh, and shampoo commercial hair too!)

Love this one.


I have a feeling these guys are always clowning around together. I like that, I think it's the secret to success.

Being romantical helps too.

Here's Mark hogging the attention... he says he can't help it because he's an only child. Mark- order this photo for your mother, she'll love it!

There, that's more like it.

Just over one month till the wedding! Time flies when you are just lying around!

Ooooooh. Pretty.
Mark + Dana- Thanks for being so much fun. I am disappointed that Mark wouldn't row us around the pond. I guess one overpriced, long wait in line is enough! Can't say I blame him. The wedding is going to be fabulous! xoxo Trish & Mariah


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