Ella + Owen Portrait

Posted & Photographed by Auntie Mariah:
As if I don't already have enough incredibly gorgeous, funny & talented children in my life... introducing my niece and nephew, Owen and Ella! How adorable are they?
Owen is 10 and Ella is 8.

Checking out Ella's missing teeth. Isn't is weird how when your 8 your teeth just fall out all the time and it's no big deal?

Frolicking in the grass.

I am beaming with auntie-pride for this photo. I demonstrated exactly how I wanted them to walk holding hands and they did as I instructed perfectly and without complaining!

I said, "you have to walk and look at me and smile all at the same time," not that easy but no problem for these guys!

Here's the whole fam taking a little stroll thru a nature preserve by my house. We kind of got kicked out of the meadow for trampling on the nesting area of ground dwelling birds. Whoops- my bad. Some example I am setting for the kiddos.

I LOVE this photo of the lovely Ella, my bella.

So cute.

They are warming up now!

I come to this place with my kids all the time. It's fun and relaxing to throw sticks off the bridge and watch them float away...(the pooh sticks game for those familiar with Winnie and Piglet).

How sweet is this face? She said, "auntie, this is so much fun I could do it all day!" Me too kiddo.

And let's not forget the most handsome-nest, most cool, baseball lovin' ten year old I know...

Thanks for being such good kids, thanks for making my afternoon so much fun. I love you!
xoxoxo Auntie


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