Winter Sweater for Winter Weather!

By Candace Cabrera Moore 

Still mesmerized by the Golden Globes and jealous of their 80+ degree weather, I am bundled up in my thickest, most cozy winter sweater as the snow storm currently dumping on my state turns to an ice storm. Le sigh. It is still January, and contrary to what Californians may have us think, it is still, unfortunately, winter. With that being said, I am super grateful for designs by labels like Mason by Michelle Mason, who have created the most genius of sweaters called the Blanket Cardigan. Think of it as a more stylish, much warmer, backwards snuggie, if you will. It will keep you warm and toasty turning these last few months of January while you stare at the Golden Globes photos, lusting not only after the gorgeous duds, but the gorgeous weather


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