♥ Hello Kitty, Yogurt, & My Package from Ruby Rouge Giveaway ♥

kay this is going to be quite a long post with tons of pictures^^ hehee~
I'm having a week off of Uni's life & I've been doing nothing but being lazy.
I'm almost mossy in my room. LOL.

oh oh would like to share something. GO TO MCDONALD RIGHT NOWW!!
I got thesee cutee Hello Kitty from McDonald.. (Happy Meal Toys).
hhahahahah I know I know I'm 20 years old I don't need Happy Meal anymore.
even my BF was frowning & then laughed at me for a bit..
but come on it's HELLO KITTY, a major cuteness!!!! LOL~~
I am going to collect them all^^

Tokyo Edition

London Edition

so, get them while you still can ladiess~~!!^^


so today I was kind of hungry & got myself 2 strawberry yogurt.
not sure which one taste better so I bought both brand~~ this is probably a common brand but this is pretty much the only brand I could get in SE Asia. soo jeolous of the Yogurt from the US or Europe with a larger choice. although I know that Dutch Lady is from Netherlands (obviously, do'uh!) & Nestle is from Switzerland.

I decided to try the Dutch Lady first because the package looks cuter. & it was 20cents more expensive too. LOL~

instead of eating them normally, I decided I wanted to added some Meises (The Ceres brand is from Indonesia, I think) & some Chocolate Condensed Milk (The Frisian Flag brand is from Indonesia, I think, although the Flag has something to do with The Dutch)

so then, they look like this~~

I say.. they taste FANTASTIC!! I can't believe I haven't done this before!! LOL
Imma buy more yogurt from now on & eat them everyday with the Meises + Chocolate Condensed Milk!
Super Yummy!^^
so, do you guys add something to your Yogurt too or no caz you like them original? if yes, what do you add?


annndd the good news is, I won A Ruby Rouge Necklace from her giveaway. & the package just came today!!^^ I'm soo happy to receive them^^
Pls do check out Sarah's blog & her Ruby Rouge Jewellry Shop on Etsy's that's filled with cute & pretty jewelries designs!!
Such a super creative shop with lots of pretty handmade things that will makes you smile^^

so here's some pictures..
the package came like this^^

here's whats inside of the package^^ yayy she packed it nicely~~
she includes her cuteeeeeeee namecard too!!~~

aren't they soo cuteee??
loving the bronze bird charm, with the bronze bead cap, two small glass pearls and bronze trace chain~~

soo, I'd like to thank Sarah from Ruby Rouge Jewelry for  her kindness generosity of giving me this^^
thank you. I'm happy with your necklace^^


btw, I've added a new song to my playlist..
Tika - Fever Fairytale
enjooyy..  ^^

love.love ♥


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