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Well, I'm back from my fabulous vacation. I took the kids to remote island in the Grenadines called Carriacou. Carriacou actually belongs to the country of Grenada... but it makes Grenada look cosmopolitan. Here's a common scene...

A little self portrait action....

Sunrise at Bayaleau Cottages where we were staying. You must check out the website... it was an amazing place to stay.

Paradise Beach- aptly named.

I could spend all day taking photos like this.

Rainbow over the capitol of Grenada... St. George.

Some lovely coral sculpture on Sandy Island.

Like mother like daughter. Vianne taking some underwater footage with her Flip Video! Do you have one? They are so awesome! They also have this cool waterproof case now.

Cows on the beach, why not?

Flora and fauna.

A view from the very top of a very winding narrow road.

Okay, so as you know I am insane for turtles. We took a boat to the Tobago Cays for a day of snorkeling... I was hoping to see some turtles and test out the underwater housing I bought for my Canon G10 camera. Do you need a fabulous point and shoot camera? The G10 is a photographer's dream. I took all the photos in this post with it. It costs about $425... and is worth every penny. The underwater case cost about $200 (and mine was a very generous gift from my friends Jen and Mike- thank you!!!!)

I was in my glory with all these turtles. Vianne counted 14 from the boat.

Their shells are so pretty. If you snorkel around them and wait for them to surface for air the detail on their shells really pops in the sunlight.

I think this one's lips are so cute.

I could spend all day with these guys. They are so gentle and mellow.

This is my son and future marine biologist, Jacques. I can't say how much this photo means to me. I will be purchasing a large canvas for my home of this one! He was pretty psyched to take this photo to school today to share with his class.

The Fram (as my daughter says).

Good advice seldom taken.

Me being artsy.

More cows, I have a scary story about a cow encounter from this trip. Ask me about it the next time you see me. I'll probably be less traumatized by then.

This is a deserted island in the Tobago Cays. Actually, Johnny Depp was marooned here in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. If he was still there, I would have told the fram to go on without me. Right ladies?

My hubby. Okay, so he isn't Johnny Depp... but I actually wouldn't trade him- and he is the best travel companion in the world.

Vintage Caribbean postcard? No.. just a scene from a beach in Grenada.

Jacques spent our last day snorkeling all over this little cove.

Vianne took a turn too- doesn't she look like a professional?


Goodbye beautiful Grenada!


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