Amy and Dave at the State Room in Boston, Part Two

Posted by Mariah:

A little trip to the Back Bay for the ceremony at beautiful St. Cecilia's. I love this shot of the girls climbing the stairs.

Melissa took this great photo of Amy waiting for the ceremony to begin.

This is a sweet moment between Amy and her dad. This is a tough moment for dads I think...

photo by Melissa.

Love the ceiling!

I love these next two photos... this one just feels so timeless. Could be any decade.

I'm crazy for this one because I love Amy's feet. She's sitting like a little girl. So cute.

Melissa caught this photo of me skulking around the church. I know I am getting older because it's a lot harder now to spring up from this position. (sigh.)

I do's.


So happy!

I love the light and the colors in this one.


Next stop... the State Room on the 33rd Floor! (Gulp.)

Amy and Dave don't mind my kooky ideas...

Hello Handsome!

The whole gang.

Don't jump! Okay, jump.

It's a romantical view for sure!

Goofing around with the ladies... this pose was their idea. That's the spirit!

Next up... all the reception fun!


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