Charlene and Ryan... Say What?!

Charlene and Ryan just received their beautiful 2 volume album set in the mail. Charlene sent us this little note and we just have to share!

" People on the knot boards always debate whether they should create the album themselves or have it done professionally. After my experience with you girls, I definitely recommend professionally! You already hired such a great photographer, so why not just spend the little bit extra to get exactly what you want. To me, the album is just as important as who I choose to shoot my wedding. My albums are sooo amazing! The quality of the books, prints, and the design layouts are just downright stunning! SNAP-ilicious is the perfect word to describe them. One thing I was so shocked by was how much more crisp, colorful, and clear the pictures were in the album rather hen on the computer. I have spent hours looking at them online but seeing them professionally printed in the album- I was truly amazed. The photos look 10 times better than they look on the computer- is that even possible?!! Thank you again and we will cherish our albums forever!"

(The couple pictured are the actual Charlene and Ryan, they don't just play them on our blog!)


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