Lindsay and Scott at OceanCliff Part One

Posted by Mariah

Since I was laying on a sunny beach while Trish and Melissa were hard at work photographing Lindsay and Scott's wedding... the least I can do is to help out with the blogging. It's so much fun to blog for someone else... because I wasn't there, every photo is a surprise. Lindsay and Scott planned a very wintery, very sparkly, very fabulous wedding.

Bouquets by Stoneblossom- so simple and lovely.

Getting by with a little help from her friends.

Veil time... thinking Lindsay is getting a little nervous at this point.

A few portraits of the beautiful Lindsay...

Not sure which one I love more...


Big moment #1... Lindsay's dad sees her for the first time.

It's definitely a sweet moment.

Lovely ladies.

Lindsay making her way downstairs for a few more portraits...

Lindsay really wanted a "stairs" shot... ta-da!

With the girls.

Time to get ready to meet the groom!

Bundling up because, "baby it's cold outside!"

Meanwhile at Emmanuel Church...

Aha, here's our groom. The very handsome Scott, of Lindsay and Scott.

With the guys.

A classic by Trish... the originator of the artsy ring shot...
many have followed but few compare.

One more for good measure.

How fabulous and festive is this?!
Stay tuned... coming up next? The ceremony and sparkly formals!


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